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Welcome to our private life coaching club, where you have access to the best training on the planet, teaching you the secrets of how to create your best life in absolutely all areas. You probably already know that you are the average of your five best friends. Look around and see who and what is currently influencing you. Would your life be different if you knew that money was no object and you knew you couldn't fail? Would things be different if you had a safety net of powerful leaders and friends supporting you? We offer the full package of support and training for our life coach club members, ensuring their success and happiness in a world filled with doubt and fear. We only accept members who are committed to personal mastery and who are service-based individuals. See you on the beaches of the world!

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Become a certified life coach to make money and have a positive impact on others!

Our private life coaching club is exclusive and international. Membership includes in-depth training and information our members use to help themselves and others live to their full potential. BestLife members have access to our unique Subconscious Release Technique, allowing them to pinpoint and tap into the subconscious mind to clear obstacles that were holding them back. We hold private retreats for members and their families, and we work together for the benefit of all.

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