30 Things To Be Thankful For

Woo! I love the holidays! The season of feeling thankful is here and I’m so excited!

For those of you who aren’t excited, I understand this can also be the season of hosting parties, going on multiple grocery runs, and travelling near and far. If you want to relieve the holiday stress, all you have to do is count your blessings. Start looking at all you have vs. what you don’t. Be Thankful! That’s what this season is all about after-all, right? It’s also super easy. You can think of what you’re thankful for when you’re driving, stirring the gravy, or sitting across from that chatty in-law.

Remember, people can feel your energy. If you are stressed out or in a bad mood people will feel that. Be a good guest/host and give the gift of good vibes to those around you. Start shifting your mood from stressed to thankful by creating your very own 30 Things list. If you can’t think of 30 things start with 5. Start where you are at and honor your feelings.

Below I shared my Thankful List! I hope this inspires you to create a powerful list of your own.

30 Things I’m Thankful For:

1. This World

2. Time

3. My Heart

4. Water

5. My Thoughts

6. My God

7. My Laughter

8. My Friends (My best friend Alyssa featured in picture)

9. Music

10. My Freedoms

11. Clean Air

12. My Life

13. Food

14. My Health

15. Freedom of Religion

16. My Purpose

17. My Ability To Read

18. My Body

19. Waking Up Today

20. Wisdom

21. My Education

22. My Family

23. Sunsets

24. Diversity

25. My Smile

26. My Challenges

27. Our Armed Forces

28. My Relationship

29. Yoga

30. Nature


Now it’s time for you to create a list! Watch as it changes your perception this holiday season. Stay warm my friends, and have a happy holiday season!

– Allison R. Grippe

Overachievers: After you write your list, go back and write how that thing makes you feel.

EXAMPLE: I’m Thankful For my relationship with Taylor because he makes me feel loved, appreciated, and beautiful.

Allison Grippe

Allison Grippe

Life Coach

Allison is one of the youngest members here at BestLife Coaching Society. At 22, she is an amazing and driven entrepreneur that has used BestLife to build her business. She was able to approach Apple and Android to create a “What did you forget” app due to her amazing creativity and professional ability.  Allison is young, energetic and such an incredible contribution to BestLifeife coaching to promote overall wellness.

Check out her blog Weekly Tip with Allison Grippe for some more great articles from her!

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