4 Reasons Why You Still Need A Business Card


Everything we do today is wrapped around technology. Why should we use business cards when everyone from toddlers to senior citizens knows how to work an iPhone? Isn’t a business card outdated? Well, I’ve learned that they aren’t! In fact, here are four reasons why you should carry a purse/pocket full of cards with you at all times!


1. Personal Contact

Face to Face networking still exist and will never go away.  That’s why it’s important to have cards on you wherever and whenever you are on the go. The number of cards I’ve given through the Starbucks drive-through window or in the locker room at the gym still amazes me. Being able to hand someone a card with a handshake, eye contact, and smile shows genuine appreciation. You can’t get that personal touch over the phone.


2. Fast

You could go digital and add one another on Linked In, but that still requires pulling out your phone, loading the app, and most importantly making sure you have signal. How is that faster than just handing someone a business card? It’s true that some digital devices, such as Android phones or iPhones, allow information to be beamed, but only from one compatible phone to another. Never put limitations on your clientele based on the device they may have. Some people don’t even have devices or social media accounts making business cards the fastest and most efficient way to connect with everyone.


3. Creativity

Use your creative energy and create a card that will leave a positive impression! Moo.com suggests you stay away from selling something, and stick with logos, links, and basic contact information. Keeping it simple will allow you to focus more on the fun concepts of design. Personalized cards can spark conversations, strengthen relationships, and help you manifest networking opportunities!


4. Referalls

Give out more than one card! I recently exchanged business cards with a woman I met at the gym. I gave her a single card and she instantly asked if I had one more. To my amazement she told me she wanted to pass my card on to her daughters Girl Scout leader because they are looking for speakers. WOW! Not only was I grateful for this opportunity but this taught me to give out multiple cards. The person you give your card to may be interested in your service, and know somebody who may also be interested. Like-minded people hang around one another, so always hand 2+ cards when making a valued connection.


Why should you still use business cards? Because the old-fashioned paper rectangle is still the fastest and easiest way to share business contact information with other people and with prospective clients. Even in this digital age, they’re still one of the most creative ways to remind people of your value and what you have to offer. Keep those pockets full, and watch your wallet fill 😉

Allison Grippe

Allison Grippe

Life Coach

Allison is one of the youngest members here at BestLife Coaching Society. At 22, she is an amazing and driven entrepreneur that has used BestLife to build her business. She was able to approach Apple and Android to create a “What did you forget” app due to her amazing creativity and professional ability.  Allison is young, energetic and such an incredible contribution to BestLifeife coaching to promote overall wellness.

Check out her blog Weekly Tip with Allison Grippe for some more great articles from her!

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