A rose is uniquely beautiful rooted strongly within its surroundings, standing strong on its stem, protected by its leaves and thorns. It is just waiting for that right moment to burst open revealing its many beautiful, uniquely made petals. The rose symbolizes love, honor, faith, beauty, balance, passion, wisdom, intrigue, devotion, sensuality, and timelessness.

From the time we were created we had a purpose and a plan, we had special talents put in our hearts, we were uniquely created.

We became a beautiful uniquely made flower bud. We came to life on the day we were born eager to learn, eager to grow, eager to love, eager to be loved. We learn to desire, to make decisions, we learn when to run, to walk, to be still and to rest; we learn to learn. We learn to stand firmly on our own 2 feet.

As time goes on the weeds start saturating our soil, creating shadows, smothering us from our destiny. We soon start to absorb the “earthly” world. It puts doubt in our heads, it adds fear, guilt and worry. Soon, we forget to bloom. We forget our “purpose” we forget the “plan”. Even though we are still protected by the thorns and the leaves we become the protector of our own self. Not relying on anyone.

Then one day, our burdens just get too heavy we start to wilt, we start feeling broken and we seek help. We start looking for alternative solutions. We start looking to our creator, our source.

We look to God/Source with all our hearts, we start aligning with the greater purpose. As the days go by we start focusing on the gold in every situation we let go of the burdens they lay upon our hearts. We start grounding ourselves and surrounding ourselves with nature. We let go of old relationships, old “clutter” that isn’t serving us anymore. This may hurt but so well worth it. We slowly let go of the unforgiveness, the bitterness, the burdens that keep us closed off. We begin to share a little bit of love here and there. There are glimmers of hope. The sun starts shining bright on us once again. We are eager to learn again.

As we allow this process to continue, the light starts pouring in from the inside out! With each day a new layer of petals appears. A new glimmer of hope, a new talent appears, a new creative thought begins. We start sharing a smile, a handshake, a listening ear. We start sharing our story with others. We start planting hope in others heart. These experiences will help build our self-confidence, our trust, and the ability to unlock new blessings.

At the right moment, you will look in the mirror and you will see a perfectly, uniquely designed multi-layered rose looking back at you. Uniquely made, perfect in every way.

As always God/Source came through and gave me an acronym but this time HE gave me many to choose from. He truly loves us and wants us to become the beautiful Rose that we are.

B.L.O.O.M. = Believe, Love, Obedient, Overcome, Manifest B.L.O.O.M. = Beautiful, Loving, Obedient, Ornate, Magnificent R.O.S.E. = Rest On Source Everyday (Rely, rejoice, remember, remain, ready = You decide which “R” you will be each moment you live as a rose!)

“A rose must remain with the sun and the rain or its lovely promise won’t come true.” ~Ray Evans


Vicki Manuel

Vicki Manuel

Certified Christian Happy Health/Life Coach

I am the same as you. I was once so lost in this world I was barely holding on. Three things kept me moving forward to where I am today…Hope, Faith and always looking for the good in every situation. Along this journey, I became a Certified Christian Health Coach. Most importantly I have accepted God’s path and He is leading the way. My passion is to help women to overcome health issues physically, mentally and spiritually so they can become the women God has designed her to be. This includes but not limited to renewing your mind, losing weight, reversing disease, and growing your spiritual life in God our Father.