Jen & Scott Kazmierczak, CEO Founder & Co-Founder

Scott has been very successful with their construction company, and is known as the best in his market because of his integrity, passion for perfection, and dedication to always going above and beyond in whatever he does. Jen was able to stay at home and raise their two incredible and successful children with her love and positive values. Although they had both studied personal development since their teens, they never really got any real results until a few years ago.

Jen and Scott knew what they had to do and knew this was their true purpose and calling. With their combined skill set of being super powerful, loving, and positive, as well as 25 years of business experience, they knew they could provide the vehicle for this training to be shared with everyone on the planet. Jen is a true role model and she always leads with her heart. What makes her truly happy is when she gets to help someone become a leader in their own life, stepping into their power, and creating a life that they are ultimately capable of and deserve. Scott is fiercely loyal and supportive of their BestLife members, and Jen is always happy to serve and support them in any way she can.

Dave Brisnehan, Director of Training

Super Dave is an Freedom Release Method Master! Dave is absolutely gifted at energy reading and discovering and clearing negative emotional and mental blocks with targeted precision and speed. Being a Certified Life Coach, a Reiki Master, Energy Channeler and Healer gives him a huge advantage when working with his clients. He cuts through all of the fluff and gets right to the root of the problem. As an Instructor and Speaker he also loves teaching in group settings and specializes in Communication, Leadership Training, Confidence Rebuilding and of course Energy Clearing. You can also hear Super Dave on his show on BestLife Radio where you can actually experience his coaching and clearing personally. With over nine years experience as an Expert in this Industry, Dave is excited to continue to help others and further his reach. As Dave often says, :The Best is yet to come! I look forward to working with you all!”

Leslie Black, Instructor

Leslie is a BestLife Business Coach.  With over 20 years as a Global Quality Management Systems Leader for a $2B manufacturing company, she trains and mentors site quality leaders as well leaders in a variety of corporate functions.  Leslie enjoys leading diverse teams to make changes that improve business results.  Her facilitation of global teams in both for-profit and non-profit organizations has generated results by aligning objectives with metrics and resources, identifying gaps and streamlining processes. She has integrated her professional skills with her heart for faith-based initiatives to champion transformational giving that does not destroy dignity.  As a venture giver and volunteer with several non-profit organizations, she has helped to lay the foundation for reducing financial dependency by increasing local giving and transformational businesses. As a BestLife Coach and Instructor, Leslie specializes in business training, accelerating personal finances and helping small business apply tools that improve their results.  Leslie not only loves to work but she also loves adventure. She enjoys the outdoors and has a keen interest in natural health and wellness.  Leslie is excited to welcome you to the Business Aspects as well as the Fun and Adventure that BestLife has to offer!

Michelle Shafir, Instructor

Coach Michelle was looking for something that could improve the overall quality of her life, build her confidence, and give her a greater feeling of happiness. She became a client of Bestlife and her life changed. Michelle is now a happier, more joyful, confident woman living a great life.

Michelle is a Master Coach/Instructor, specializing in building confidence, career training and public speaking.

Having a successful career in commercial real estate, and having transformed her life, Michelle is in a unique position with her clients/students in her understanding and knowing of exactly what needs to change for them to be happy and thrive. Using the Freedom Release Method she is able identify programs and blocks that are preventing forward progress and success.
She is so passionate about sharing her knowledge, the wins and success of her clients/students is what drives her. The success, energy, and integrity Michelle brings to BestLife, her clients and classes is off the charts.

Michelle spends her free time giving back teaching her confidence training and working with the Mentor Connection.

Coach Brit, Online Academy

Coach Brit has 25 years’ experience working in therapy, teaching and coaching. In her coaching practice she focuses mostly on general life issues including health and relationships and enjoys the complete energetic and emotional healing that takes place with her clients. Coach Brit specializes in SRT, communicology, and Be Set Free Fast.

Coach Brit’s second passion is hosting retreats and workshops in Norway. These are true adventure retreats where her students can connect with themselves and nature on a whole new level. Brit is excited to welcome you to your BestLife and the new journey you are embarking on.

Tammy Loftis, Instructor & Emotions Code Practitioner

Coach Tammy’s main objective as a Life Coach and Emotions Code Practitioner is to help as many people as she can to find their inner strength to defeat their past, finding peace, forgiveness, hope & love! To show them that they can do whatever it is they put their mind to. Overcoming her own dark past diet, exercise and BestLife’s Freedom Release Method and Emotions Code Therapy…

Tammy has been able to create her dream life helping people every day as an amazing Mother, Personal Trainer, Master Life Coach and through her Speaking Engagements and Workshops. One of Tammy’s core beliefs is:

“The past is just life lessons and building blocks to get you to the purpose you were put on this planet to Accomplish.”

With all of the Love, Support and Knowledge, Tammy has received from her BestLife Family (Training)… She is especially excited to extend her hand out to all of you & support you in taking this leap of faith in completely transforming your future and life together.

Jaime Brooks, Instructor & International Ambassador Program

If you have Health & Wellness goals… talk to Coach Jaime. Jaime is BestLife’s Culinary and Holistic Nutrition and Empowerment Coach. Not only does she create customized meal plans, but she also uses our one of a kind Freedom Release Method to work with her clients on key root issues that have to be addressed if they really want to create lasting results. Jaime is an Instructor and Speaker for BestLife and she is also the owner and founder of Fed Terra. Jaime struggled early on with chronic illness and emotional self-doubt. Through her own personal transformation creating health and happiness stemmed her burning desire to help others do and have the same. Coach Jaime is Passionate, Enthusiastic, and Excited to be your Biggest Cheerleader on your road to becoming your Happiest, Healthiest Self!

Please email with any questions you may have about Our life coaching club because they are super excited to welcome you to the team and family!