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Top Rated Personal Development & Life Coach Training

Owners and Co-CEOs

Scott and Jen are the true power couple. Scott has been very successful with their construction company, and is known as the best in his market because of his integrity, passion for perfection, and dedication to always going above and beyond in whatever he does. Jen was able to stay at home and raise their two incredible and successful children with her love and positive values. Although they had both studied personal development since their teens, they never really got any real results until a few years ago, when they met Coral and Mac and learned their Subconscious Release Technique. Jen and Scott knew what they had to do and knew this was their true purpose and calling. With their combined skill set of being super powerful, loving, and positive, as well as 25 years of business experience, they knew they could provide the vehicle for this training to be shared with everyone on the planet. Jen is a true role model and she always leads with her heart. What makes her truly happy is when she gets to help someone become a leader in their own life, stepping into their power, and creating a life that they are ultimately capable of and deserve. Scott is fiercely loyal and supportive of their BestLife members, and Jen is always happy to serve and support them in any way she can. Please email with any questions you may have about Our life coaching club because they are super excited to welcome you to the team and family!

Head Trainers

Mac and Coral Grant are the most powerful life coaches that you will ever meet, bar none. With their intuitive ability to tap into exactly what is blocking someone within a matter of seconds, lives are changed in a matter of minutes. They bring a whole new definition to the life coaching industry. They are both very results driven, because they believe you cannot teach something you haven't mastered yourself first. They are very passionate about doing whatever it takes for their club members to ensure that they are living their BestLife, whatever that is for each person. Coral is a gifted visionary and spiritual leader who has the ability to see people’s gifts and nudge them to their greatness. Mac is a super powerful leader who sees with his heart and can feel exactly what is stopping someone, and knows how to push them through their blocks with unconditional love and support. With their Subconscious Release Technique, they can quickly get people to move forward and make changes to hit their goals and achievements, no matter where they are in life. Whether you want to know what your true purpose in life is, or you want to find your true love soulmate; you want more love and passion in your marriage, or you want to feel more loved and supported in your life; you want to have true freedom, or you want to manifest more money and abundance; you want to have incredible health and vitality, or you want to feel alive and happy... Whatever it is you want to create, Mac and Coral will absolutely help you become that, and YOU WILL actually have the results you have been waiting for! If you are tired of learning and actually want to achieve your goals and dreams, then look no further, because Mac and Coral are the leaders who will get you there!

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