Best Life Coaching Society Founders

Jen and Scott, co-founders of Best Life Coaching Society, began with a dream to share their experience and knowledge with as many people as they could. They have a true desire to help people achieve their best life and to make a massive impact on this planet.

Their journey of personal development began at a young age. They have consistently implemented what they learned while creating incredible results in their own lives. Daily they invite others to come alongside them as they continue to learn, grow, share and encourage others.

Scott established a very successful construction company easily recognized as the best in his field. Jen was the liaison for the very accomplished FM Acro Team. They are known as the Goodwill Ambassador‘s for the state of North Dakota, where the couple resides today. Jen later worked in the education and franchising industry. The internal desire to give back to the world that has blessed them so richly, has continued to expand and grow in them. Through the incredible power of leveraging the Best Life Coaching Society was divinely formed and has members from several countries!

Scott & Jen’s Leadership

Their strong leadership and sincere desire to lift others has ignited hearts and souls worldwide. They create a positive impact on individuals and the planet as a whole by using their unique tools of empowerment and personal experience.

They have attracted an amazing talent of individuals who carry the flame for BestLife with interactive training applied to daily living. This is such an amazing and exciting time to be a part of the BestLife family. This global organization is growing exponentially through these extraordinarily gifted and purpose driven-visionaries of the 21st-century.

Our Mission

The Best Life Coaching Society is a global organization created for education, training and empowerment; focused on living through the heart while making an authentic and real influence on the world.

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