You probably hear it a lot in personal development. Public speakers like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, and Bob Proctor all saying things like align with your dreams, your goals, your ambitions. But, what does it mean? They say, “let’s get aligned”, but has anyone defined what getting aligned means?

My purpose for today’s blog is to shine some light on what this means. And I truly feel that this particular definition will be aligned (pun absolutely intended) with those you have just read prior, as well as others like Abraham-Hicks, Rhonda Byrne, Wayne Dyer and a whole other host of spiritual leaders, teachers and gurus.

When we speak of alignment we are certainly also talking about energy. Interestingly enough, everyone here that is reading this right now has probably experienced alignment and may not have even known it. Alignment is connection to source. It is connection to god. It is connection to intuition. It is connection to the universe. Alignment in a nut shell is connection, and we all have it. We actually can never lose that connection, but like a hose we can certainly pinch it off. So how do we know that we are connected? Well, let me ask you that question. How did you know that you were connected? You may be looking back on that now and saying, “Yeah, how did I know?”, and as cliché as it may sound, perhaps you were recalling that you felt good. And that is the key ladies and gentlemen. It’s about feeling good. When we are connected with source, when we are trusting our intuition, or some may even say ‘tapping into our higher self’, pick the word or words that feel best to you; that’s connection and alignment.

Now, some of you may have read that part about “feeling pinched off” and said, “yeah, I feel that most of the time”. My guess may be that that doesn’t feel very good, does it? I can speak from personal experience and say that it doesn’t feel good. Consider this. That negative feeling, thought or energy is a way of your internal guidance system trying to call you back to source. When we don’t feel good generally speaking we feel disconnected. Or maybe you felt that you were missing something. That connection has been their that whole time. When we start feeling better, which means a little bit better than where we are currently in that negative spin, we start allowing the flow once more. We stop pinching. When we are connected we are also tapping into the unlimited resource and universal manager that is the universe.

It has been said in personal development that everything that we desire is off of our radar screen, that’s source, that’s alignment. You can tap into this energy at any time and the only thing that is required of you is that you feel a sense of at least some satisfaction! Feeling good, or more accurately, satisfied is the key. Anytime you are below that level of satisfaction based on what I shared above, that is a pretty good indicator that you are out of alignment. But fret not my lovelies, for anytime that you are in thatspace of dissatisfied, you can just merely pivot back by acknowledging the vibration that you are at, recognizing that it is important for your vibration and then simply state, “what do I want?”. It’s really is that simple. This physical life that you live, it can be joyful, it can be playful, it can be abundant, it can be fulfilling, it can be unlimited! The choice is up to You. How freeing is that? If you would like to know how to be more aligned more of the time, consider becoming a member in BestLife Creation Society. Until we speak again, may you make your best life.

With Love and Alignment,
~ Super Dave

Dave Brisnehan a.k.a. "Super Dave"

Dave Brisnehan a.k.a. "Super Dave"

BestLife Director of Training

Super Dave is a powerfully gifted mentor, trainer, and leader. He is very gifted in energy reading and discovering and clearing negative emotional and mental blocks with targeted precision and speed. His diverse background, which includes; Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, healer and energy channeller all combine beautifully to equip him with a huge advantage when working with clients and members of BestLife. His experience and training allow him to accurately cut through the fluff and get right to the root of the problem.

He loves teaching and specializes in communication, leadership training, confidence rebuilding and energy clearing, as you all know through the life-changing classes he pours his heart into and that so richly blesses us. With over nine years experience he is truly an expert in this industry.

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