Are you seeing your blessings?


The colors of Autumn have finally revealed itself. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons the air becomes crisp; the leaves change to beautiful colors of red, orange and yellow. The days seem to get shorter but yet there are still 24 hours in the day. It’s a season that shows that even in death or change there is always beauty and something to be thankful for.


Years ago, I worked for a company where I traveled on a weekly route taking me to a different city once a week; on one of my routes I would pass this beautiful, wonderful tree that put a smile on my face. I can imagine this tree so tall, strong and young giving a home to birds, squirrels and bugs. Maybe even providing shade for its owner or even a cow or two. Now, even as it is getting older it is providing protection. I called it the “protector” tree scaring off any intruders that would harm the land. Can you see the trees mouth, eyes and nose?

As the weeks went by my drive became routine and I stopped seeing it. One day out of the blue I began to think of this tree and thought “what a shame how something that puts a smile on my face became invisible”.  Sometimes in life we take things for granted, we stop seeing things for the beauty they are or become complacent within our life that we stop seeing the small things that puts a smile in our heart or joy on our face.


The next time I drove by that beautiful, wonderful tree I had to stop and take a photo as a reminder to always be thankful and aware of my surroundings.


I have since left this job and if I recall correctly that tree is no longer there but its memory will always linger in my heart.


Now, I ask you this; Is there something in your life emotionally or physically that gives you great joy that has become invisible?


Revised from Blog Post Be Thankful Quote 15 Posted on November 15, 2012


Vicki Manuel

Vicki Manuel

Certified Christian Happy Health/Life Coach

I am the same as you. I was once so lost in this world I was barely holding on. Three things kept me moving forward to where I am today…Hope, Faith and always looking for the good in every situation. Along this journey, I became a Certified Christian Health Coach. Most importantly I have accepted God’s path and He is leading the way. My passion is to help women to overcome health issues physically, mentally and spiritually so they can become the women God has designed her to be. This includes but not limited to renewing your mind, losing weight, reversing disease, and growing your spiritual life in God our Father.

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