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Does Your Wrist or Hand Hurt, Get Tingly, or Just Feel Weird?

There are many sources of wrist discomfort – sprains, strains, bruises, breaks, shifted bones, muscle tightness, swelling, peripheral neuropathy, neck problems, shoulder problems, etc. One of the most common, is something we have all heard of, and which is very popular! It is referred to by the name ‘carpal tunnel syndrome’. Whether the cause of your numbness, tingling, weakness or pain in your hand or wrist is TECHNICALLY carpal tunnel syndrome or not, the following exercises may be helpful.

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Life Coaching Certification: The BestLife Way

Today I am sharing with your what it’s like to be a life coach with BestLife Creation Society and a bit about our upcoming Level 1 Life Coach Certification class. Being a life coach is not for everyone. You have to love working with people. You have to be the kind of person that not only celebrates successes, but recognize them when sometimes your client doesn’t see them for themselves. You have to be focused on seeing the good in the people you work with, and using your heart, mind, and intuition to help them achieve what is important to them.

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I’m Angry, Hear Me Roar!

It’s dark outside. I’m awake. Why? Ugh 4:30 am! Time to get up and take him to his appointment. Tired and grumpy, I meet him at the door. Oh yeah, more dishes for me. Sweet, more laundry for me. Great, MY favorite radio station has been replaced with this assault on my senses! Now what? ROAR!

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His Fault, Her Fault?

Katie is as frustrated with her husband as he is with her! She doesn’t feel like he’s as attentive and loving as when they got married. She was dreading their annual vacation this year, but a friend’s advice might be just what she needed! What do you think?

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Money is Energy

By Super Dave, Money is Energy! Money is Energy? Yes, money is merely a physical manifestation of the energy created by worthiness, deservingness and abundance. How’s it going guys? This is Super Dave with BestLife Creation Society and I wanted to talk a little bit today about the energy of Money. Don’t you find it odd that there are people on the planet that actually worship money the same way you would worship a god or some sort of religious figure? You KNOW what I am talking about.

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Are You Under the Influence?

by Tammy Loftis, What are you under the Influence of? A better question may be, “Who are you Under the Influence of?” An even better question would be, “Who are you letting Influence You?” When you say those questions out loud to yourself, they all sound just a little different but all of them have a very different meaning behind them. I know this sounds like a strange way to start off a blog, but it will all make sense here in just a minute. I have learned over my 50+ years of living on this earth, that in order to get better answers you have to ask better questions. And to be perfectly transparent, the first 44 years of my life, I really sucked at asking good quality questions about anything, but especially of myself. They were always very topical and served me in whatever emotional headspace I was in at the moment.

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Relationship Lessons Learned from Food

Watch Tammy Loftis explain great relationship lessons learned from food! How you go through the process of figuring out what food you like can apply in other areas of life! Whether it’s what kind of food you like or what kind of relationship you want to be in, or the kind of life you want,  go out and experience life and figure out what brings you the most satisfaction. Get ready to be inspired, and keep an eye out for her incredible book “Dear Victim, Its Time for Us to Break Up Now! A Story of Empowerment through Forgiveness Strength and Love”, coming out in the Fall of 2018!!

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