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What is a Life Coach?

What is a “Life Coach”? Well, for the purpose of this blog, you won’t see me quoting it anymore, but out there in the real world that is typically how people view a Life Coach. They’d like to believe it’s a professional advice giver or a guru, or is something that someone needs. No. Not true. A Life Coach is…

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I love to help people

Do you love to add value to other people’s lives? Do people come to you to talk through problems? Do you find strangers in the grocery line sharing their life story with you? Me too!! Learn more about what a life coach does, and does not, in this live, interactive forum!

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Do You Admire Your Boss?

Do You Admire Your Boss?   This post is spurred by another blog that I read by Scott Dinsmore at Live Your Legend "Live your Legend" is all about finding what you love to do and figuring out a way to make money at it so that you can be happy at your “J-O-B”. ...

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Member of the Week: Allison G

Allison Grippe Entrepreneur Allison is one of the youngest members here at BestLife Coaching Society. She is young, energetic and such an incredible contribution to BestLife.   We are so happy and blessed to have her in our BestLife family!! Developed the “What did...

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Benefits of BestLife

We are a heart centered group of people who’s desire it is to enhance their life in a real and authentic way. BestLife provides live training in an uplifting, supportive environment, focusing on the success of each member. We’ll help you to identify the questions and...

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Building Confidence Class

Confidence is the foundation of our very being. Confidence effects who we are today, how we view the world and how the world sees us. The good news is Confidence can be learned! This class is for those that are ready to step out of the shadows and begin to...

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