Building Confidence with “A Confident You”


One of the reasons people reach out to life coaches is that they lack confidence. One definition of confidence is “belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities”.  So when we lack confidence, or the ability or recognize or appreciate our abilities, we hold back. We don’t go for the job, the date, the dream, or whatever it is. We just aren’t sure we have what it takes.  This is why it is my pleasure to introduce you to one of BestLife’s Introductory Courses, “A Confident You”, and it’s incredible Instructor, Michelle Shafir.

Michelle has been down that road of shakey confidence. She has had those debilitating thoughts repeating in her head. What makes her so powerful as a Coach and Instructor is that she had been there, done that, and come out shining brilliantly on the other end. A successful businesswoman and wonderful human all around, Michelle is the last person you would guess ever had an issue with confidence.

Michelle has generously offered her time and expertise for”A Confident You”, an Introductory Class sponsored by BestLife, for the last two years. The power of her story and her skill as an instructor has changed many lives, and even people who felt they were already pretty confident benefited from taking the class. If you are someone who wants to experience more joy, more fun, more ease, and more confidence, I highly recommend you enroll in the next course.  Classes are complimentary, sponsored by BestLife Creation Society.

The next class starts on Monday, August 6th.  Join us to become a more grounded, bold and confident you!




Michelle Shafir

Michelle Shafir

Instructor and Coach

Michelle specializes in building confidence, career training, and public speaking. Having a successful career in commercial real estate, and having transformed her own life, she is in a unique position to understand and know exactly how to help her clients and students change what they do to move forward.

It is her passion to share her knowledge and the success of her clients and students drives her to do what she does.