Can I Be an Honest Business Person and Also Be Wealthy? 


 By Super Dave, Can I be an honest business person and also be wealthy?  Another question that may come to mind is, can I be both?  Isn’t it true that in this hustle and bustle competitive world the experts say, “You can’t have it all.”.  “You can have one or the other, but you can’t have both.”  Interestingly enough, the individuals who spout that nonsense are also highly competitive.  Business and wealth, like life, is not a competition. And as much as the pundits would like you to believe that that is true, it isn’t.  I find it incredibly irritating when someone says, “You can only have one or the other.”.  Don’t we live in a Creative universe? I’ll put it to you like this, don’t you remember growing up as a kid and being told “NO”. How did that make you feel?  Thank You.  Perfect. See?  We can have both.  I’m so excited because I want to illuminate here this concept of you can be honest and wealthy as well as a great business person.  This is not a pick and choose universe. You can have it ALL.  Let’s begin, shall we? 


Now go back and reread that last sentence, you can have it all. Beautiful. Just sit there for a moment.  Yes, you, you reading this, you can have it all. And I’ll tell you something else, good-hearted, kind, honest people, they DO have it all and they will continue to have it all.  They will continue to lead fulfilling lives. They will continue to have flourishing businesses. They will continue to have wonderful relationships and wealth in and out of business. How are they doing this? It’s really quite simple. It’s called the creative mindset. And honest people have it in abundance. What is the creative mindset you may be asking? Is this some sort of hocus pocus “feel-good” nonsense?  No, it’s not.  It is a formula that has been applied for centuries. The basic principle behind this mindset is this; “the creative faculties of man are not limited by his job, nor is he limited by his circumstance or upbringing; his only limit is thinking that he can’t truly create whatever splendor or abundance he chooses”.  What does that mean in English?  The illusion of our world is that there is never enough. That there is a shortage. That there is a lack. This could not be further from the truth. We live in a creative and abundant universe! The biggest concept that is missing with the competitive world is what can I create as well as what is being created off my radar screen? Picture this;  everything that you want in life is 1% of what you can see. And if you were to imagine that, that would be your radar screen. But now think for a second. Where does the other stuff get created from? That my friends,  comes from off your radar screen and it is where all of your abundance is just waiting for you. I’ll give you an example, I would gather that most of you that are reading this are in business. And probably take it very seriously. But haven’t you had those moments in business when you “let go of the reins” so to speak, and do you remember what happened when either you or someone you knew did this? That’s right.  It all worked out magically How the heck did that happen?  It worked out because the magic, the right person, the right project, the solution,  comes in, off your radar screen.   Ok Super Dave, how the heck do we look off our radar screen? It’s a trick question because you don’t really look off your radar screen, you feel off your radar screen. How does one feel off one’s radar screen? By feeling good or feeling as good as they can about what IS on their radar screen. Our internal guidance system and feelings are something that has been grossly neglected in business and wealth creation. That does not change the fact that it works every time. And again, going back, remember when you let go of the reigns and you just allowed things and you knew that somehow this would all work out. And do you remember what happened? It DID work out. It worked out MAGICALLY. CONGRATULATIONS! You were FEELING off your radar.  


So after all this is said and done, how does this tie into honesty? It’s rather simple. This technique of learning how to feel what is off your radar screen is by feeling as good as you can about what is on your radar screen. This allows you to be honest about your feelings. Honest communication makes things smoother in business. It creates better relationships abroad as well as local. It allows your teammates and other individuals that you work with the true data, the real data, the honest data. When we are honest, not only about what we think, but what we feel we can have it all. I hope now that you can see that when a person says, “you can either have this, or this, but not both”.  They are not only being dishonest with you, but they are also being dishonest with themselves. And that,  ladies and gentlemen, is the competitive mind set.  Are you now ready to be creative? There is an abundance just waiting for you OFF your radar screen. Like Yoda said to Luke in Star Wars, “Trust your feelings.”. If you are honest about your feelings on this wonderful journey to wealth creation and business, you do have the ability to create as much as you want and as often as you want. All of it I hope you can feel good being creative right now. Enjoy this abundant, creative process and may you make your best life with BestLife. 



Dave Brisnehan a.k.a. "Super Dave"

Dave Brisnehan a.k.a. "Super Dave"

BestLife Director of Training

Super Dave is a powerfully gifted mentor, trainer, and leader. He is very gifted in energy reading and discovering and clearing negative emotional and mental blocks with targeted precision and speed. His diverse background, which includes; Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, healer and energy channeller all combine beautifully to equip him with a huge advantage when working with clients and members of BestLife. His experience and training allow him to accurately cut through the fluff and get right to the root of the problem.

He loves teaching and specializes in communication, leadership training, confidence rebuilding and energy clearing, as you all know through the life-changing classes he pours his heart into and that so richly blesses us. With over nine years experience he is truly an expert in this industry.