Achieving Your BestLife

Your guide to limitless living.

Learn how to be, do and have, whatever you desire, with more joy than you could imagine!  AYBL will teach you how to access the incredible abilities you already have to find your path to success and fulfillment, in any and all areas you choose.

Starts July 29th


Course Information:

What if there was a way to create exactly the life you’ve always wanted? What if you could be, do, or have anything you’ve dreamed, and more? In Achieving Your Best Life, we explore the tools used by successful people for generations and help you fine-tune them to fit with the specific goals and desires you care about. This is a class where your depth of knowledge of how to design your life will expand, and your experiences will leave you changed forever. Come join us! It is going to be an incredible journey. AYLB is a seven-week course, with two classes per week taken over a conference call line. We will be reading “The Science of Being Great” by Wallace D. Wattles as well as listening to “Your Wish is your Command” by Kevin Trudeau.  The class is a safe space to discuss the mindset and techniques put forward by the class, as well as a place to share wins and results.  There are also discussion boxes available in the online section of the course to provide you with more ways to process and expand on what you are learning.  Thank you in advance for embarking on this dynamic, inspired exploration with me! I can’t wait to meet you!

What You Will Learn:

  • The Recipe for Success: Once you know the Recipe, you can repeat it as often as you want.
  • The Freedom Release Method: How to reprogram your subconscious to think and feel your way to the life you desire.
  • How to Take Inspired Action: What does that feel like? What steps do you need to take to get there, and how do you maintain momentum and inspiration?
  • Tools for Creating Your Future: Learn how to use tried and true techniques to increase your vibration.
  • Using the Emotional Guidance Chart: Harness the power of your emotions to create.
  • And more!

Meet The Instructor

Hi! My name is Alee Attoe and I am happy to be here with you! I am the mother of two amazing kids and wife to an incredible husband. I have volunteered overseas and worked everywhere from refugee camps to the restaurant industry to financial services.  I love traveling and exploring new places, and am even more intrigued by the journey within, the one that gives us deep joy, purpose, and satisfaction. For more information about me, feel free to go to our BestLife Team Page or my Facebook Page!

“Do you understand that what you’re creating is YOU? You’re not creating money, you’re creating a more prosperous YOU.   You are creating a more abundant YOU. You’re creating YOU with greater ease. You’re creating YOU with greater opportunity. You’re creating YOU with a greater opportunity for more fun.  It’s YOU. You are the expander of YOU. You are the creator of YOU, you see.”

– Abraham Hicks

Course Schedule:

Classes are held at 9PM Eastern, 8PM Central, 7PM Mountain, 6PM Pacific on a conference call line or Start Meeting App

Date Class
Week One Sunday, July 29th The Recipe for Success
Thursday, August 2nd Building Confidence
Week Two Sunday, August 5th Reprogramming through Fill-Ups
Thursday, August 9th Freedom Release Method
Week Three Sunday, August 12th Taking Steps to Your Dream
Thursday, August 16th Finding Your Sweet Spot Goals
Week Four Sunday, August 19th Tools for Creating Your Future 1
Thursday, August 23rd Tools for Creating Your Future 2
Week Five Sunday, August 26th Your Connection to Source
Thursday, August 30th* How to Deliberately Create
Week Six Thursday, September 6th Taking Inspired Action
Sunday, September 9th Using the Emotional Tone Scale
Week Seven Thursday, September 13th Reframing
Sunday, September 16th Finding Your Why

*We will break over Labor Day Weekend

Course Materials:


The Science of Being Great by Wallace D. Wattles



“Your Wish is Your Command” by Kevin Trudeau


7 Weeks. 14 Classes. Live Interaction. New Tools. New Experiences. A Whole New You.

Your Course Includes

Introductory Courses

All complimentary courses will be listed through the home page under Our Courses. They happen periodically throughout the year and are not saved or stored in the Academy. The magic is in the live interaction. Simply join the class from the Our Courses page and it will be added to your dashboard. (All introductory classes are sponsored by BestLife and are available to everyone as our gift.)

Interactive Classes

There are live, interactive classes every day  that are accessed through the My Dashboard and My Courses. They include clearings, business coaching, abundance mentoring, relationship, energy training and more!

Live, Interactive, Exciting

All classes are live and interactive and participation is encouraged by all instructors. To contact the instructor go to your Dashboard and into My Courses, click messages and send the email or go to the Contact Us page.

Frequently asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

Be sure to check the class schedule. There are many classes that are schedule for a set day and time every week of the year. Others are for a specific amount of time, like Building Confidence or Level 1 Life Coach Certification.

How long do I have access to the course?

Unlimited !! You can listen to each class and all the amazing nuggets of wisdom explained every day if you desire. The class remains in your profile to be accessed at will.

What if I have a question during class?

The power of BestLife is the connectedness and the sincere desire of the instructors to share information and empower the students. This live, interactive class is intentionally designed to be instructional, informative and offer students the opportunity to ask questions and really understand the topic.

Are there other classes?

Yes! We are so excited to say that there are other classes by this and several other instructors! To see them simply go up to COURSES and click!