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Focused on training and applying our very own, BestLife Creation Society Freedom Release Method and the skills and tools for achieving the best YOU.

Intentionally designed to take you to the next level.

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In the Vortex with the Masters (Wednesdays)

Get in the Vortex with amazing teachers as we dive into the teachings of people like Wallace D. Wattles, Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, the collective energy of Abraham and many others. 

Freedom Release Method Training (Thursdays)

Zoom (video conference) class anyone new to muscle testing or the Freedom Release Method or if you just need a little guidance on tweaking your technique. Bring your questions or challenges and we’ll get them figured out . 

Guidance for Inspired Living (Fridays)

Tracy shares her prolific Reiki, energy, and various clearing techniques! You will love how expansive, clear and powerful you will feel after this great class! 

Empowerment Training (Fridays)

The first person you must lead to be successful is yourself! In this powerful training you’ll learn Leadership, Communication, Energy, Intention, Ethics and more to make you feel EMPOWERED!

Angel Mastermind (Sundays)

We cover various aspects of angel communication through angel cards including choosing your personal deck, infusing the deck with your energy to give readings to yourself and others (if desired). The last half of the class will be for you to receive a mini reading that will provide clarity, guidance and support! 

Leveraging Your BestLife (Daily)

This powerful class will go over the secrets of leveraging your energy to manifest! We Honor and Support Your Request! Hocus Pocus let’s focus!  

Quantum Leap Activation




What is a Quantum Leap?
It is an exponential jump in your success.  It is not a goal. It is not a desire.  It is a brand new way of operating in life!  Get ready for the ride of your life!  The sky is just the beginning an
d now you will know why!

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Your Wealthy DNA

Your Wealthy DNA - Personal Growth Class

Quantum Leap Activation offered amazing momentum in our personal growth! Your Wealthy DNA is the follow up class that will continue exponential propulsion!

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Coach on Call is an incredibly powerful benefit of BestLife! These are active, training members of BestLife here to support, encourage and coach you. To find out who is coach on call this week and contact them, be sure to go to the pinned post at the top of our FaceBook page.

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Blessings from Kosovo Part 1

By TIneke Hakvoort, As you may know, a few weeks ago, we had an amazing event in Kosovo. So many blessings… and they are still expanding and expanding…

Let’s start with the beginning… although… when did it even start…? When you start reading, you probably get the feeling that it started even before. Maybe you never ever can say: here is where it started… because it started a long time before that… in your heart… a desire to experience something wonderful, beautiful and amazing…

Yes… that is something to think about… right? Think of the beginning of your experiences and realise, yes, you are so right, it started long before.

Back to Kosovo…

Blessings from Kosovo

Listen as Tineke shares some of the many blessings from our Kosovo event!  So many wonderful things were created, and the ripple effect is still in motion!

Awesome Live Interview with Burbuque Ajvazi- BestLife Creation Society

FB Live with our special guest Burbuque Ajvazi, our amazing and gifted interpreter Amy Amilda (she will translate everything from English in Albanian) and our sparkling host Tineke Hakvoort.

Awesome Live Interview with Jaime Brooks and Alee Attoe! – BestLife Creation Society

Our guests today are BestLife Coaches, Instructors and Ambassadors Alee Attoe and Jaime Brooks!  Jaime and Alee are organizing Consciously Creating Your BestLife, a one-day seminar in Ancaster, Ontario. Listen to learn a little bit about Alee and Jaime and how BestLife has impacted them and what is in store for attendees for the event!

The Power of Playful Energy

By Super Dave, The power of playful energy. It is so funny that people think that in this physical experience that we get more by getting serious. And although for some, you may see some temporary tangible results with this serious energy at “play”, the manifestations (results) are not sustainable and don’t last. It’s true. What we are dealing with here is an energy of push.

Money is Energy

By Super Dave, Money is Energy! Money is Energy? Yes, money is merely a physical manifestation of the energy created by worthiness, deservingness and abundance. How’s it going guys? This is Super Dave with BestLife Creation Society and I wanted to talk a little bit today about the energy of Money. Don’t you find it odd that there are people on the planet that actually worship money the same way you would worship a god or some sort of religious figure? You KNOW what I am talking about.

Join us for the Wednesday Workshop!

Weekly workshop to connect with other like-minded people!

Ambassador Workshop – Wednesdays!

Workshop to find your BestLife sponsored by BestLife Creation Society

Reset Yourself in Minutes (in the Restroom!)

Can you relate to busy days, feeling drained? You need a reset! Did you know that it only takes a few seconds to reset yourself? Ever knew the restroom could be your perfect rescuer? Use it to reset yourself and have a wonderful flowing day!

How to Leverage and Manifest with Joy and Ease

By Tineke Hakvoort 2000 hours of effort, force and feeling drained to manifest what you want… or 14 seconds of focused intention, feeling joy and bliss and getting the same results? What would you choose? 2000 hours or 14 seconds? In the BestLife, we use this principle daily in the Leveraging Your BestLife class.

Everything is Energy

By Super Dave Everything is energy. What do I mean by that exactly? What I mean is that even if you take a physical object and break it down to its most basic components it’s made of protons, electrons and neutrons. Inside these protons, electrons and neutrons is what science considers the building-blocks of ALL living things. These are called atoms. If we were to take it one step deeper though, these atoms have to be made out of something, right? They are. It’s called ENERGY. Take a look at a bush, a flower, a piece of fruit, a car, as well as our own physical bodies; and even science can’t deny that all of it is composed out of energy.

The Energy of the Summer Solstice

By Tracy Kouba Can you feel the excitement of summer? This week we celebrate the Summer Solstice, in the northern hemisphere, it is the start of the fun, playful, summer season. After being cooped up indoors all winter, it is a time to celebrate warmth by being outside. The kids are done with school, we travel more

Using the Law-of-Association and the Law-of-Attraction Together Part 2

Use the Law-of-Association and the Law-of-Attraction Together Part 2   Join Coach Allison for Part 2 of how to use the Law-of-Attraction and the Law-of-Association together!  This week, we explore more about the Law-of-Attraction, how it works and how to use it. Then...

Using the Law-of-Association and the Law-of-Attraction Together Part 1

Use the Law-of-Association and the Law-of-Attraction Together Part 1   Most of us have heard of the Law-of Association or the Law-of-Attraction. But did you know how powerful it is to use them both together? Listen to Coach Allison as she explains these two powerful...

The Freedom Release Method

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