Journey Through the Chakras

6 Week Class Series with Tracy Kouba

One hour each week.

Each week we will journey in depth through the major chakras that rule the energy system of the body. When our energy system is balanced our body, mind & spirit work together in a much more harmonious manner.

This class will give you insight on how to keep this system balanced and what to do when it gets out of alignment.

There are simple things that you can do to work with your chakras and keep them running smoothly. In this class we will discover:

  • What are chakras?

  • What the colors of the chakras represent

  • Working with stones, crystals & essential oils to help balance our body’s chakra system

  • Problems that stem from unbalanced chakras

  • Meditations to help balance the chakras

  • How to use FRM (Freedom Release Method) when working on the chakras

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