“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” ~ John C. Maxwell

Some weekly calls cross over into multiple courses so you may find them in more than one place.


International Ambassador Training Program (Fridays)

Do you want to make an impact in your community Or mankind as whole? Participants learn EXACTLY how to do that from the founder of this program, Janelle. Having built a community of BestLife members in her own state, she will take you step by step on how to win with our program. Our goal is to change the lives through our fun, powerful workshops by building groups of like-minded people where we live!

Leadership Calls (Wednesdays)

This class is designed for the leadership team of BestLife Coaching Society. It is an ongoing record of our evolution and expansion as a company. The subjects in this class range from new materials being presented, administrative aspects of BestLife and other things that continue to expand and create more benefits for YOU, the members of BestLife.

This class is restricted and participation requires being added by an administrator.


Instructor Training - Instructors Only (Fridays)

This call is for veteran and upcoming instructors in BestLife and is led by Director of Training, Coach Super Dave. Special techniques on leadership, influence, energy, selling, clearing and other drills are taught to make an even bigger impact on students, clients, and customers! Learn techniques and insight to teach and make a lasting impact on everyone you come in contact with! 

This class is restricted to instructors and instructor support and requires being added by an administrator.

Archived Classes

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2017 Favorites: Energy and Intention, Decisions, How to feel comfortable in your own skin, How to find your passion and purpose.