Life Coaching Academy Training

Classes in the Life Coach Academy are geared towards life coaching, mentoring and personal growth.


Business & Sales Training (Tuesdays)

Some people are convinced they don’t like sales or aren’t good at it. This class will obliterate those myths! 


LCA Clearing Call, Energy Nuggets (Mondays and Tuesdays)

 In this class, Director of Training, Super Dave, uses efficient clearing and coaching (one by one) in a group setting. Energy Nuggets/wins presented on some of the calls are recorded, otherwise these calls are not recorded due to the very personal nature and for privacy reasons. There are two weekly clearing calls. 



True Abundance Mentoring (Wednesdays)

This class is unlike any other class that BestLife offers to our members. When asked the right questions you will always find the magnificent power you have within you. Let’s unleash it together.


LCA Business Skills (Tuesdays)

Learn formulas for business that can be applied to every aspect of your life. This class opens up the door to true application and results. 

The Emotion Code Clearing, Wins (Fridays)

The Emotion Code is a technique created by Dr. Bradley Nelson to heal us by releasing emotions that have been trapped during our lifetime and even inherited emotions that have been passed down for generations. In this class we creatively find and release these emotions with precision and ease. 

The Freedom Release Method Training

This class is for anyone new to muscle testing or the Freedom Release Method or if you just need a little guidance on tweaking your technique and is a Zoom video classroom allowing a visual demonstration of techniques!

Archived Classes

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2017 Favorites: Energy and Intention, Decisions, How to feel comfortable in your own skin, How to find your passion and purpose.

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