BestLife has the BEST community! We come together daily to inspire and grow. Trainings are divided into general categories and shown as brightly colored buttons above.

Business training focuses on building and growing business and the skills and tools for today. This training is designed to take you and your business to the next level.

https://www.bestlifecoachingsociety.com/course/energy-members/Energy training focuses on leadership, communication, energy, intention, ethics and even more! This category is full of techniques and tools to empower you!

Leadership training focuses on impacting our BestLife community and mankind as a whole! Our goal is to change the lives through our fun, powerful trainings by building groups of like-minded people to share online and off!

Life Coach Academy training is geared towards life coaching, mentoring and personal growth.

Relationships are our greatest gift and sometimes our greatest struggle. Our expert coaches show you how to build, maintain, and expand your relationships. Love yourself and your fellow man despite his challenges and circumstances. It just makes life easier, smoother and more rewarding all around!

Wealthy & Prosperity training focuses on wealth; what it is, what’s stopping you, clearing old programs, learning tools and formulas for success and mastering relationships.


New Member

” We are all so excited to have you join us on this amazing journey! Feel free to have a look around, ask questions, join in conversations and share! It’s so much fun to hear the wonderful things going on in your life!

By clicking on the colorful tabs above you will gain access to the individual weekly classes and a description. The time and call in number are included.  Currently I (Jen) send out  text every morning with the agenda and a reminder text just before start time.

There is an app call Start Meeing to connect with as well. ”

– Jen & Scott
Our Amazing

Water Cooler Connections

BestLife is so honored, thankful, and blessed to connect with and support our members! Chip Baker, a BestLife member, has his own YouTube channel (Success Chronicles) where he interviews industry leaders! Watch the video below as our Bestie, Allison Grippe, shares her thoughts!

There are daily opportunities to jump in and connect with others. Please see the calendar for the full list by day.

There are additional (4-6 week) classes offered throughout the year as well. Those will be in Our Courses and notification will be sent out in emails and on FaceBook.

What if I miss a class?
With your membership and monthly subscription you have full access to every class from this year! They are all recorded and saved, just go to the colorful class tabs above, locate the class you want to find the recording for and then play the recording.
Start Meeting App/Info
StartMeeting.com is where you go to download the app. The code for calls is:
ZOOM App & Info
It’s so much fun to connect with people around the world through the video conference app, zoom.us!

Anytime you see Zoom in a class description we will be connecting via that app and through the number and code given. Although we would love to see you, we also understand that’s not always possible so if needed you can use the mute and video off mode.

Social Media
We love connecting through social media! At the bottom of the blogposts you will find share to buttons, please share what you love!



Our Mission

The BestLife Creation Society is a global organization created for education, training and empowerment; focused on living through the heart while making an authentic and real influence on the world.


Power of a Thought

Heart to Heart with Julie Penton, Hello and Happy New Year 2019! As I was bringing in this new year I had an amazing experience here in BestLife. Brit and I had our final session of 2018 with the Body Code®. It was our umpteenth session and wow, was I feeling amazing.

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Emotions are our wonderful guidance system.

As we focus our attention upon our world we offer a frequency which either feels good to us or does not feel good to us.Once we learn to recognize the feelings of alignment (feeling good) in relationship to feelings of misalignment (not feeling good), we can effectively use our wonderful internal guidance systems.

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