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Communications Training (Thursdays)

In these powerful classes, Director of Training, Super Dave goes over the powerful formula and the Basics of Communication. It has been said to be a Master you must master the basics. Communication is the solvent and solution to all of life’s problems. Let Super Dave show you how.

Relationships Training (Thursday)

Our expert coaches show you how to build, maintain, and expand your relationships. Love yourself and your fellow man despite his challenges and circumstances. It just makes life easier, smoother and more rewarding all around!

Empowerment Training (Fridays)

The first person you must lead to be successful is yourself! In this powerful training learn leadership, communication, energy, intention, ethics and a whole host of topics and techniques to make you feel EMPOWERED!

Confront Training (Saturdays)

Confront is the ability to face anything without flinching. Learn how to confront your life, challenges, ‘schmutz’, and most importantly, YOUR DREAMS. This can improve your confidence, ability to take inspired action, to communicate even better and handle anything that comes into your experience.

The Power of Observation (Sundays)

Most people look, but do not see, and some may listen, but do not hear. This class will teach you how to use all of your six basic senses … YES, there are six. They are sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and the most important;  how to FEEL. Want to utilize all of these? This is the class for you. 

Ambassador Workshop (Mon & Wed)

Ambassador Workshops are a chance to connect with like-minded people who want to be more, do more, and have more in their lives, right from the comfort of home.

AND visit face to face via the web conferencing software!

Our Vision- Loving deeply

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Have you considered becomming a mentor for a new Bestie? here’s your chance! Contact…… TBA

Class Schedule | Curricular Activities

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Class Schedule | Curricular Activities

Relationships can be as difficult as they are beautiful. For those times when you need a little release, did you know there is a coach on call ready, willing, and wanting to talk to you? To find out who coach on call is this week, simply visit our members only FaceBook page and the post is pinned to the top of the page. Click on their name to send a message and request a time.

Class Schedule | Curricular Activities

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Hope, Dreams and the Holidays

By Vicki Manuel, The holidays are fast approaching; with it can cause us to feel out of control or out of routine. The shopping, long lines, cooking, extra activities, eating, parties, and not forget to mention the slew of activities and happenings of our “normal” life. What does one do?

Are You Seeing Your Blessings?

By Vicki Manuel, The colors of Autumn have finally revealed itself. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons the air becomes crisp; the leaves change to beautiful colors of red, orange and yellow. The days seem to get shorter but yet there are still 24 hours in the day. It’s a season that shows that even in death or change there is always beauty and something to be thankful for.

What is this Event About Anyway, eh? Jaime Brooks and SuperDave talk about our Canada Event!

Jaime Brooks and Super Dave talk about the benefits of being a BestLife Member, and how much BestLife has impacted her family!  Hear also about her intentions behind the Ancaster, Ontario event, Consciously Creating Your BestLife,  coming up soon!

Distant Relationship? No problem!

By Allison Grippe, Long-distance relationships are always being talked about, as people are continuously searching for advice on how they can make it work with their partner/friends. My colleagues, co-workers, and surprisingly even my yoga teachers have asked me many questions on what it takes to maintain healthy yet distant relationships. You’ll be excited to hear that I have 4 simple tips + 1 overachiever tip that you can apply in your romantic and friend based relationships.

Awesome Live Interview with Jen, CEO – BestLife Creation Society

Our special guest is Jen Kazmierczak, CEO of BestLife Creation Society. Our amazing and gifted interpreter, Amy Amilda, will translate everything from English in Albanian) and our sparkling host Tineke Hakvoort.

We love to hear her view on several topics:

Amazing Interview with Mimoza Taqi, CEO of I Am Power

FaceBook Live Interview with our special guest Mimoza Taqi, CEO of I Am Power and
accompanied by our amazing and gifted interpreter Amy Amilda (she will translate everything from English in Albanian) and our sparkling host Tineke Hakvoort.

Surround Yourself With Good People

It is your own personal responsibility who you allow to influence your life. Surround yourself with people who see the good in you, who encourage you, and who want the best for you. Practice your discernment muscle when choosing your sphere of influence. Consciousness is contagious. Who do you listen to?

I’m Angry, Hear Me Roar!

It’s dark outside. I’m awake. Why? Ugh 4:30 am! Time to get up and take him to his appointment. Tired and grumpy, I meet him at the door. Oh yeah, more dishes for me. Sweet, more laundry for me. Great, MY favorite radio station has been replaced with this assault on my senses! Now what? ROAR!

His Fault, Her Fault?

Katie is as frustrated with her husband as he is with her! She doesn’t feel like he’s as attentive and loving as when they got married. She was dreading their annual vacation this year, but a friend’s advice might be just what she needed! What do you think?

Relationship Lessons Learned from Food

Watch Tammy Loftis explain great relationship lessons learned from food! How you go through the process of figuring out what food you like can apply in other areas of life! Whether it’s what kind of food you like or what kind of relationship you want to be in, or the kind of life you want,  go out and experience life and figure out what brings you the most satisfaction. Get ready to be inspired, and keep an eye out for her incredible book “Dear Victim, Its Time for Us to Break Up Now! A Story of Empowerment through Forgiveness Strength and Love”, coming out in the Fall of 2018!!

Relationships with Annoying People: What Can You Do?

Can you relate to this? People can be soooo annoying. Do you agree? They do all those things you do not like at all: burp in public… being very loud… It feels as if they do not care about anyone, especially not you. It can feel so frustrating.

Ambassador Workshop – Wednesdays!

Workshop to find your BestLife sponsored by BestLife Creation Society

A Confident YOU! Word Search

This class is for those who are ready to step out of the shadows and take inspired action to create their new life. A Confident YOU! is a four week journey to gain the tools and knowledge to have the ability to powerfully impact your life. Confident people have an unwavering love and belief in themselves. They also trust in their ability to make decisions!

You Co-Create Every Relationship EVER

By Super Dave, You co-create every relationship EVER. I mean EVER! Now before you start going, I did not create that, here is what I am going to encourage: Every relationship in this life, those that you wanted and those that you didn’t, you created based on the feelings that you emanate when you think about how you feel about those relationships. Example, it’s not what you think about “Uncle Jerry”, its how you FEEL about how you think about “Uncle Jerry”. Another example; it’s not what you think about what your “Ex” did or didn’t do to you, which creates more relationships in the future similar to that one, its how you FEEL when you think about you’re “Ex” that creates more results that you don’t want, and similar relationships in your future.

Your Body: How to Cultivate a Loving Relationship with Yourself

Your Body: How to Cultivate a Loving Relationship By Tineke Hakvroot. So what about your relationship with your body? So what about it? Are you having this awesome healthy joyful relationship with your body? Or… Do you think you are fat, maybe too fat? Do you think...

My Relationship with Food: Gobbling Up Fear Based Opinions

By Jaime Brooks, I never thought I would end up with an eating disorder. I did though. Self-diagnosed. Of course, at the time I wasn’t aware that my newly founded healthy, nutritious, and holistic lifestyle could possibly be labelled as a type of eating disorder! But when I heard the definition of Orthorexia Nervosa, I immediately knew it was what I was starting to create within my relationship with food.

Do you Have the Best Relationship with your Day?

By Tineke Havroot Ever thought about your relationship with ‘your day’? A relationship with ‘your day’ or even ‘this moment’ is something that doesn’t come to mind often. At the same time, when we explore it and take it seriously, it can change your life dramatically for the better.

What’s On Your Heart? Transactional vs Transformational

Chip had two completely different experiences and was inspired to share in his most recent post: What’s On Your Heart? Transactional vs Transformational

Member of the Week: Arianne

Arianne jumped at the chance to join BestLife! She has been busy living a few of her dreams; going to India, learning Hindustani vocal music and completing an international tour with a famous EDM artist! It’s been an incredible year.

Relationships and Expectations

Relationships and Expectations   What does it mean to have "Expectations" when coupled with the word "Relationship"?  This has been a favorite topic of mine for a couple of years now.  And as I have grown in all aspects of my life, the core of my belief has stayed the...

First Things First: Self-Care and the Power of Taking Care of You

  First Things First: Self-Care and the Power of Taking Care of You What if I told you that you have an opportunity to take care of the most important person in the world and that if you did, you would change the world? Would you jump at the chance? Good! I want you...