Every Wednesday is a chance to connect with like-minded people who want to be more, do more, and have more in their lives, right from the comfort of home, phone or the computer!

Where: Zoom web conference

WHEN: Wednesdays
TIME:  2p ET, 1p CT, 12p MT, 11a PT, 8p ET

COST: Complimentary! Sponsored by BestLife Creation Society


Tineke has a very loving and supportive energy and has gifted all of us with her daily Leveraging call. She has a unique ability to connect with all types of people and create a loving and supportive space.
Since joining BestLife, Tineke has expanded her reach helping others feel empowered and believe in their dreams. She embraces the support and love she receives as a BestLife member and she feels a sense of freedoms knowing that her happiness and dreams are supported as well as encouraged.


Brit is a Certified Life Coach and has over 25 years experience teaching and coaching. Brit uses several coaching and emotional release techniques, including the Freedom Release Method and the Emotion Code, to help her clients achieve success in any area of their lives

Brit is passionate and a has a burning desire to use her skills and knowledge to create lasting change in our world.


After a devastating blow to his professional athletic career Espen was sent on an incredible journey of self-actualization and mastery. Espen applies what he’s learned to his life every single day and continues to change his life in remarkable ways.
It is Espen’s passion and purpose to inspire others to live from their heart space, to find their purpose, and to be a positive influence on the momentum of awakening happening on the planet.


This complimentary workshop is a weekly adventure into reaching your BestLife! We share tools, techniques, ideas, and experiences to empower and uplift!