Empowered Coaching: Coach from Who You Are


About seven years ago I wanted to be a life coach. I knew I wanted to empower people to be their best selves. I knew I had profoundly helped people in the past, and, like a midwife, had the incredible honour of seeing people come into a new understanding of their relationship with God and their personal empowerment.  I loved that work. I had a long period of time where I was sorting out who I was and what I believed, and I left a lot of that work and that woman behind. When I started coming back to myself, I realized that I wanted to continue helping people. But my time away from myself, from my heart, had taught me some bad habits. In those years of sorting, I put my heart and my connection to God on the back burner.

What this meant is that I lost touch with what really made me, me. I downplayed my unique and brilliant place in this world. I looked at my history and circumstances for guidance instead of the infinite wisdom of my Higher Power. I listened to well-meaning but disconnected people.  

So seven years ago, when I started looking at coaching programs, I felt so inadequate. I thought to be a coach, I had to be a super successful entrepreneur or corporate hotshot. I would have accolades to prove that I was worthy of my client’s attention and money. So listen to this: Don’t be like past me!! Don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of what you know you are meant to do!! The only reason I go over past history is because if you relate to my story, recognize that it’s time for a new paradigm!! And it is so worth it!!

You have two incredible resources to guide you, always. These are your Inner Being, and your connection to Source (I use God/Source/Higher Power interchangeably. Please insert the name that resonates with you). Let’s start with your Inner Being (or Spirit, or Soul). I think we all have an image or feeling of who we would be if we were our most complete self. We can feel this “self” guiding us sometimes, we know when we are going against it because sometimes something seems to go against that inner knowing and it does not feel good. I know I am in alignment with my Inner Being when I have deep rivers of joy in my belly, and when I feel like I can listen to my heart. This connection to yourself can never be severed, just covered up. Part of growing into who you are meant to be is a re-discovering of this person and living from that place of truth and alignment.

Your connection to Source also can never be severed, just clouded over.  As humans, we often think our logical minds hold the answers. How laughably arrogant we can be sometimes! Think about it: our minds only know a limited amount. Source knows everything. How funny that we discount something so much bigger and more vast than we can imagine, and rely only on what we can see with these two eyes and think with this little brain!

Your Inner Being and Source are also always connected. They know you in and out. They know the most empowered, most joyful you, the one who is living your dream life on this planet.  We were also given an incredible gift, our emotions. Using our Emotional Guidance System, we can know if we are in alignment with Source and our Inner Being. Again, our logical minds and much of our culture tell us to discount our emotions. That is like shutting off your GPS on your way to an unknown destination. Our emotions are here to tell us when we are on track with Source and the realization of our fullest potential. Emotions like Contentment, Peace, Calmness, Excitement, Empowerment, Joy, and Serenity let us know that we are on the path. Anger, Frustration, Boredom, Irritation are just indicators that we need to make some adjustments. Just course correct to be on your way again.

So think about it, if you want to be a life coach, what do you think will give you the greatest ability to impact your clients? Accolades or staying connected with Source and your Inner Being? This is not to say that studying, learning, expanding, and generally getting better all the time is not important.  When you are connected, you will be inspired to expand all the time, and just keep getting better at everything you do! When you are connected, growth is a given and is driven by feeling incredibly good about whatever your next step is.

What’s even better is that you get to coach from who you are! Your personality. Your unique gifts and talents. Your experiences. Why? Because when you are connected, you will attract the people that need your message. You will attract the people who need you to be your Empowered You.

You don’t need all the answers. You need to stay connected to Infinite Intelligence. When you feel guided to learn something new, do it! Source is getting you ready for a new opportunity. Listen and feel your way forward. And when you are working with clients, or in any situation in life where you want to help, just take a moment to set an intention and ask Source for guidance before you start. When I do this, I magically have the right thing to say to my clients. I magically understand the next step we need to take. I magically find a subconscious program that is the block in the dam of their next step towards abundance. I say “magical” because that is how it feels. It is so fun and easy, like being on a treasure hunt. And for me, there is nothing more satisfying than helping someone else win. That is how I know I am supposed to be here.

Before I start a session, I usually close my eyes for a moment and say something like this: “Source, please flow through me and be my guide. I am so honoured to be working with _________. Please help me hear what this person needs and give them what will help them most. Let this be a life-changing session for them. If it doesn’t seem to be that way to me, it’s OK, I trust that what you give me is for their highest good. Bless this time we have together.”

I cannot thank BestLife Coaching Society enough for the way they have trained us to be coaches. Coming back to myself, years later, and finding this incredible group of Source-led, Heart-led people, has been one of the biggest gifts the Universe could have given me and my family. I am living my dream, not because all of the physical things I want are here yet, but because the joy and satisfaction I feel in doing this work really is the dream. If this article speaks to you and you want to explore becoming a Life Coach, get on one of their complimentary classes “Is Life Coaching for You” to find out life coaching the BestLife way.

Finally, BE YOU! Be all of you. You are here, on this planet, for no other reason than to BE YOU! If that is as a life coach, GO FOR IT! People are waiting for you, for your message, for your unique style, for your beautiful personality. The world is shaking with excitement for you to step into your most Empowered You!!


With so much love,


Alee Attoe

Alee Attoe

Instructor and Coach


Alee is committed to one main thing: helping you follow your path in the most authentic, joyful way possible. As a Coach with BestLife Coaching Society and Instructor for Achieving Your BestLife, she is highly skilled at simplifying concepts and helping her students and clients understand how to apply them effectively to their lives. 

 Certified BestLife Coach, and Class Instructor; and successful entrepreneur in the financial industry.