Event Update: Consciously Creating Your BestLife


We had a great event in Ancaster, ON! It was such a pleasure to meet in person and learn and grow together. We did a full day of BestLife training, focusing again on the incredible power of feeling good and following your internal guidance system. We had a few wonderful treats throughout the day: we had an incredible lunch provided by Jaime Brooks, who is not only one of our Instructors and Ambassadors but is also a and Culinary Nutritionist. We also got to hear from Michelle Shaffier on confidence, and Jen Kazmierchezk expanded on our BestLife Momentum Diamond. It was a day for expansive conversation, new and deeper connections, and overall feel of empowerment as we learned even more how much we are able to grow in to whatever we want to be, do and have!


Stay tuned for more BestLife events coming up, and as always you can tune in to our BestLife Zoom workshops and Facebook Live events! Find out more on our BestLife Creation Society Facebook Page!


Alee Attoe

Alee Attoe

Instructor and Coach

Alee is committed to one main thing: helping you follow your path in the most authentic, joyful way possible. As a Coach and Instructor with BestLife Coaching Society, she is highly skilled at simplifying concepts and helping her students and clients understand how to apply them effectively to their lives. 

 Certified BestLife Coach, and Class Instructor; and successful entrepreneur in the financial industry. 

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