BestLife Creation Society and I Am Power

Feeling the Feel-Good Momentum / Momenti i të ndjenjurit mirë
This amazing weekend is co-created by the BestLife Creation Society, I Am Power and You!

  • WHEN: 13-14 October 2018
  • WHERE: Pristina, Kosovo

We look forward to meeting you there!

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A weekend that could change your life forever!

  • Is your life everything you’d hoped it would be?
  • Are you living your dreams?
  • Did you know it is your birth right to feel happy, to feel good?
  • Did you know that whatever your situation is right now, it is easy to feel happy?
  • Did you know that feeling good helps you shift your situation to how you want it to be?

During this weekend event you will:

  • Release blocks and barriers holding you back from feeling good and living the life you want
  • Learn to see the beauty in whatever situation you are in, right now
  • Learn to instantly shift from negative to positive
  • Learn to notice possibilities and solutions everywhere
  • Learn how to focus on whatever you want to manifest in your life, with so much ease, just by feeling good
Momenti i të ndjenjurit mirë
Ti JE me shume se qe e di !
13-14 Tetor 2018 në Prishtine, Kosovë

Nje fundjavë e cila mund të ndryshojë jetën tuaj pergjithmonë !

  • A është jeta juaj gjithqka që keni shpresuar të jetë?
  • A jeni duke i jetuar ëndrrat?
  • A e dini se është e drejta e lindjes tuaj të ndjeheni të lumtur, të ndiheni mirë?
  • A e dini se, pavarësisht nga gjendja juaj tani, është e lehtë të ndiheni të lumtur?
  • A e dini se të ndjenurit mirë ju ndihmon të ndryshoni gjendjen tuaj në atë se si dëshironi që ajo të jetë?

Gjatë kësaj ngjarje fundjave ju do të:

  • Lironi bllokimet dhe pengesat që ju mbajnë nga të ndjenjurit mirë dhe jetesa e jetës që dëshironi
  • Mësoni të shihni të mirën në çfarëdo situate në të cilën jeni tani
  • Mësoni të zhvendoseni menjëherë nga negativja në pozitive
  • Mësoni të vini re mundësitë dhe zgjidhjet kudo
  • Mësoni se si të përqendroheni në çdo gjë që dëshironi të shfaqni në jetën tuaj, me shumë lehtësi, vetëm duke u ndjerë mirë

Dhe po, nëse doni më shumë para në jetën tuaj, nëse doni më shumë liri, nëse doni më shumë balancë, nëse doni më shumë gëzim, nëse doni më shumë pozitivitet … të gjitha fillojnë me ndjenjën e mirë.

Mos e merrni vetëm fjalën tonë për të! Jini aty dhe përjetoni atë për veten tuaj!

Kjo fundjavë e mahnitshme është bashkë-krijim i Shoqërisë BestLife, I am Power dhe juve !

Ne shpresojmë që të ju takojmë atje!

Our Facilitators

Meet Our Amazing Leaders

Don’t tak our word for it! Be there and experience it for yourself!

Brit Johanne Drageset

Brit Johanne Drageset


lives in a small village in Western Norway together with one of her daughters, her son in law and her amazing grandchildren. Daily she enjoys the beautiful views, the fjord, mountains, glacier, the laughter of her grandchildren, helping clients from all over the globe to achieve success in any area of their lives. A lady who travelled the world, lived in several places on this beautiful planet (Norway, Alaska, Hawaii). A lady who experienced what it is not knowing what you want in life. Around the age of 50 (you see, it is never ever too late) she discovered her passion of personal growth and energy therapies. She worked at a research center for complementary and alternative medicine, worked with BeSetFreeFast, and found her way to the BestLife Creation Society. She is a certified life coach (and a awesome good one!) and a certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner (powerful methods by dr Nelson Bradley).
Espen Haugen

Espen Haugen


As a true Norwegian Viking, Espen is sailing the oceans. He combines fishing with his coachingbusiness. A beautiful combination. Water is his friend and as no other he knows the gifts of water. Water lets everything flow, something he is able to help clients with, in his coachingbusiness. There was a time when he saw another future for himself. On his way to become a professional soccer player he got injured. That sent him on an incredible journey of self-actualization and mastery. Espen applies what he has learned (GIN teachings, NLP, hypnoses) to his life every single day and continues to change his life in remarkable ways. It is Espen’s passion and purpose to inspire others to live from their heart space, to find their purpose, and to be a positive influence on the momentum of awakening happening on the planet. He is a great edifier, loving, supportive, intuitive, sensitive, a great manifestor, fun, open to new possibilites, teachable, a great coach and an excellent soccer player,
Tineke Hakvoort

Tineke Hakvoort


Tineke lives in a small ancient town in Holland. Working with people and helping them to move forward is something she has done her whole life. She has a unique ability to connect with all types of people and create a loving and supportive space. Tineke has a loving, supportive and sparkling energy and has gifted all of us with her daily Leveraging call.
It´s something she loves, and together with others she creates miracles. She is an excellent facilitator, fun, uplifting and creative in expressing herself (words, images, as well the way she thinks). She loves win/win situations. From the inner desire to create win/win situations she connected I Am Power and the BestLife Creation Society together and is looking forward to seeing results even better than she can imagine right now.
Avni and Mimoza Thaqi

Avni and Mimoza Thaqi

CEO I Am Power

Because of her inner need to learn, grow and expand, Mimoza came across the Global Information Network. Here she found food for her soul, that lifted her up . Eager to spread this positive and powerful message among her own people, she was able, with the help of her husband Avni, to translate many powerful and inspirational books. These books and the activities of their organisation I Am Power created (and still creates!) a ripple effect throughout the Albanian community all over the globe. A couple on a mission, unstoppable. They bring hope, positivity, love and they are walking their talk. Living in Macedonia, together with their three amazing loving children, they created miracles. Their businesses (definitely check out their water factory Scardica, I Am Water) are thriving and helping many, many people in the region. Honestly, there aren’t enough words to describe this amazing couple. They are truly living their Power and their BestLife and inviting you to do the same.
Scott and Jen Kazmierczak

Scott and Jen Kazmierczak

CEO BestLife Creation Society

This amazing couple began their journey of personal development at a young age and have consistently implemented what they learned all while creating incredible results in their own lives and with those around them. The internal desire to give back to the world that has blessed them so richly continued to expand and through the incredible power of leveraging the BestLife Creation Society was divinely formed.

Their strong leadership and sincere desire to lift others has ignited hearts and souls worldwide. Using their unique tools of empowerment and training, and their vast personal experience, they create a positive impact on the individual person and the planet as a whole. They have attracted an amazing talent of individuals who carry the flame for BestLife with interactive training applied to daily living. Like with Avni and Mimoza Thaqi, there aren’t enough words to describe this amazing couple. They are truly living their Power and their BestLife and inviting you to do the same.

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