Everything is Energy


Everything is energy. What do I mean by that exactly?  What I mean is that even if you take a physical object and break it down to its most basic components it’s made of protons, electrons and neutrons.  Inside these protons, electrons and neutrons are what science considers the building-blocks of ALL  living things.  These are called atoms. If we were to take it one step deeper though, these atoms have to be made out of something, right? They are. It’s called ENERGY. Take a look at a bush, a flower, a piece of fruit, a car, and well as our own physical bodies;  and even science can’t deny that all of it is composed out of energy.



It gets even cooler though, everything is energy and every thing has its own vibrational frequency.  Now you are probably reading this going, “What the heck does that mean?”  Don’t let the words throw you off. These words, vibration, energy and frequency have been used commonly by super successful people. As for how long they have been used is up for debate, but with the proper research and documentation, we know that it is at least 2500 years. Energy,  frequency, vibration what does it mean? These are all just terms to describe that energy actually moves and morphs.   Let’s take a box of chocolates. Each one of those chocolates, although they have the mere appearance of being just chocolates, all have a frequency and a vibration. All the chocolates are composed out of atoms and beneath that are composed out of energy. Here is another example; a radio frequency has its own unique signature.  If you were to listen to a radio station such as 96.5, and on 96.5 was Jazz music, but you wanted to hear the Top 50 playing on 101.3, you can’t hear Jazz music on 101.3 and you can’t hear the Top 50 on 96.5. Those frequencies can’t change!  They are a constant, just like the chocolates; but guess what has the ability to change, alter and move vibration, frequency and energy at any given moment and at any time….YOU. “Super Dave, did you just say I have the ability to change my energy, my frequency, my vibration whenever I want as much as I want?”  Yes, that’s what I said. And you do it ladies and gentlemen with your feelings.  It has been documented that we have the power to influence physical matter with our own thoughts and feelings.  I’ll let you guys soak that in for a second. Good.


You have the ability to use your own internal guidance system to create whatever you want. You do this based on how you feel. Feelings ARE vibration.  They ARE frequency. And they ARE energy. Not only do you have the ability to use this internal guidance system which is composed of your feelings, but you can also ideally now recognize that these feelings are a part of you as well. They are not separate. You don’t find feelings. These are not things that you discover. These are things that you had your entire life. Have you ever noticed that when you feel angry or upset or any sort of negative feeling that life generally doesn’t go as smoothly as you would like it to? And how when you are feeling good, say, on your birthday or a vacation or from a recent raise that life tends to go more smooth?  Why the heck is that? It is because of an accumulation of the feelings tied behind what you have continuously been thinking about. If you are frustrated about this, that, and the other thing; expect to get more things that make you frustrated. Your feelings have built that momentum. If you are feeling good and this feels good and that feels good and something else feels good expect to get more things that make you feel good.  It is the momentum that is being built up from how you feel. A great quote is, “If you think you can or if you think you can’t; either way, you are right.  It’s the thinking that makes it so.”. But this quote is limited, a better quote is this, “If you think you can or think you can’t; either way you are right because your feelings behind your thinking make it so.”. Everything is energy and even more so, your feelings, your vibration, your frequency and your energy is EVERYTHING too. So simple that it is complex and so complex that it is simple.  Try it and maybe, just maybe you’ll FEEL what I mean….you feel me? Until we speak again, this Super Dave signing off.

Much Love,





Super Dave Dave Brisnehan

Super Dave Dave Brisnehan

BestLife Director of Training


Super Dave is a powerfully gifted mentor, trainer, and leader. He is very gifted in energy reading and discovering and clearing negative emotional and mental blocks with targeted precision and speed. His diverse background, which includes; Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, healer and energy channeller all combine beautifully to equip him with a huge advantage when working with clients and members of BestLife. His experience and training allow him to accurately cut through the fluff and get right to the root of the problem.

He loves teaching and specializes in communication, leadership training, confidence rebuilding and energy clearing, as you all know through the life-changing classes he pours his heart into and that so richly blesses us. With over nine years experience he is truly an expert in this industry.