Experiencing the Things That We Don’t Want is Exactly What We Need


Consciously applying the Law Of Attraction, creating and manifesting the feelings and things we want; it all begins from experiencing the lack of something, in the first place. This is how we expand ourselves.

And we do this by allowing contrast to guide us, and knowing that it’s always exactly what we need.

I’ve been having infrared sauna sessions lately, and I love it!

And yes its June, and yes I even went for a session when it was 88F outside and 144F inside the sauna.

For me, it’s one of the best places for meditation.

I love relaxing, detoxifying, and expanding my thoughts,

Seriously, just thinking about that while I type out this ‘zen’ing me out.

So what does my love of infrared sauna sessions have to do with ‘what we don’t want is what we need’?

A couple of days ago I was explaining to my 8-year-old daughter, Jayden, what an infrared sauna is and what I do when I’m in there, and she asked me if I was able to lay down in the sauna.

I said, ‘no, actually, but I was just noticing today that I didn’t feel as comfy as I wanted to because I had to sit up and I would’ve loved to lay down!’ ‘That would be awesome.”

I thought to myself, ‘I’m going to have to buy a bigger sauna than I thought.’

But my attention was still on the things I love about the sauna and my easy access to one too.

The next day, I see an add on my Facebook feed for an infrared sauna bench the size of the sauna I want, that shifts into a laydown chaise!!

My mind is in heaven on Earth right now just thinking about having that for my sauna.

And, If I hadn’t felt uncomfortable having to sit up when I wanted to lay down, the clarity for what my soul ultimately wants, would not exist.

And because I stayed in the feeling of appreciation for what I do enjoy about the sauna sessions, the answer to my desire was able to show up effortlessly, right off my radar screen.

I had a realization.

This was further evidence that the appreciation and joy I feel for the things I have and even the things to come, can only be experienced because of my awareness of a contrasting feeling.  

You’ve heard Abraham Hicks say: “The reason you want something is because you believe that you will feel better in the having of that thing.”

How would we know what would feel better if we didn’t have an awareness of the things that are not as preferable? And on top of that, how would we feel the joy of appreciating them?

We wouldn’t.

And that’s why experiencing things we don’t want is exactly what we need.

We need the duality.

If we didn’t have it, well,  we’d be dead. 😉

Be open to experiencing contrast in your life, knowing that every single drop of joy that you’ve ever, or will ever feel, comes from the existence of first knowing what we don’t want.

Here’s a powerful exercise you can do to let what you don’t want to get what you do want:

When you’re experiencing an unwanted, ‘interesting situation’ in your life,

start making a list of anything and everything,

even if at first it’s literally only ONE thing,

that you feel good about in that situation,

or that you’re glad went the way it did,

or that they said what they said, etc.

This one thought, whether just in the form of a thought, or written, or even voiced is all you need to change the direction of your attention and your point of attraction from what’s not working to what is working,

Repeat this process every time you notice the contrast, and you will very quickly see how EVERYTHING is always working out for you.

And that the things you don’t want are exactly what you need.



Jaime Brooks

Jaime Brooks

Coach and Instructor

Certified BestLife Coach, BestLife Ambassador and Instructor, as well as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

Early on in her life, Jaime struggled with chronic illness and emotional self-doubt, but through achieving her own personal transformation creating health and happiness, she has developed a burning desire to help others achieve the same.

Jaime uses the knowledge and tools she has acquired along her healing journey, including the Freedom Release Method, to help her clients move forward, create success stories of their own, and live their best life.