Hopes, Dreams and the Holidays


The holidays are fast approaching; with it can cause us to feel out of control or out of routine. The shopping, long lines, cooking, extra activities, eating, parties, and not forget to mention the slew of activities and happenings of our “normal” life. What does one do?


When we are striving to reach our hopes and dreams we can start feeling or spin out of control. We may even start feeling as if we are right on the verge of a breakthrough and then boom we feel like we got pushed back. What does one do?


First, It is so important to drop the stress and worry that comes along with experiencing something new. Now don’t get me wrong we may feel some sort of stress or worry at first; it is in our DNA makeup. It is part of our fight, flight or freeze programs. The good news is we can change. Did you know that our body doesn’t know the difference between fear and excitement? Knowing this can help you recognize what is going on within your body. So, why is it important to give up the stress and worry? Well, it is because it destroys our body and our body is the only place we have to live therefore we need to take care of it. We take care of it by living within peace, joy, happiness, calmness, patience, etc but most importantly we need to live in LOVE, it truly conquers all!


What do I do? How do I do this? Great questions.


You lean not on your understanding and always stay focused on  God / Pure Source Energy to guide you. For God/Source is your, strength, wisdom and knowledge. God provides everything you need.


Here are some simple steps to get you through not only this day but every day that is to come.

  • Wake up every day expecting something wonderful will happen
  • Pray and Rejoice
  • Be aware of what your body is experiencing – ask yourself am I really scared or excited?
  • Be careful of your words, our words our powerful, speak only truth.
  • Focus on to your faith, your beliefs and they will bulldoze your way through the obstacles
  • Allow God/Source Energy to guide you the way – Ask Source to direct your path
  • Hang on to your faith, your beliefs, and bull doze your way through the obstacles
  • No matter what, count your blessings
  • Remember life is like a boomerang, what you put out and focus on is what comes back to you. Stay focused on the positive.
  • When you start feeling overwhelmed it is OK to say “NO”
  • Be selfish – As in take time for yourself – spend an hour or so doing what you love, what relaxes you – a bath, exercise, family time and or read etc.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Drink water
  • Breathe!! Stop throughout the day and just take a deep breathe and release.


These are just some tips to take with you on your journey, if it is reaching your dreams or getting through the holidays. I pray and trust that you will implement them within your daily routine as you feel inspired to do.


Hugs and Blessings,


Vicki Manuel


Vicki Manuel

Vicki Manuel

Certified Christian Happy Health/Life Coach

I am the same as you. I was once so lost in this world I was barely holding on. Three things kept me moving forward to where I am today…Hope, Faith and always looking for the good in every situation. Along this journey, I became a Certified Christian Health Coach. Most importantly I have accepted God’s path and He is leading the way. My passion is to help women to overcome health issues physically, mentally and spiritually so they can become the women God has designed her to be. This includes but not limited to renewing your mind, losing weight, reversing disease, and growing your spiritual life in God our Father.
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