Leveraging to Manifest with Joy and Ease


2000 hours of effort, force and feeling drained to manifest what you want… or 14 seconds of focused intention, feeling joy and bliss and getting the same results? What would you choose? 2000 hours or 14 seconds? In the BestLife Creation Society, we use this principle daily in the Leveraging Your BestLife class.


By the way, did you know that BestLife Creation Society has a three-pronged approach?

1. It’s all about training your thoughts and being open for inspired actions, being open for what feels good now and asking yourself: Is there something I can do to feel a little bit better?

2.  It’s all about releasing whatever is holding you back from living your BestLife.

3. It’s all about focusing on what you want.


Back to the easy and fun path to manifesting that we do daily in the Leveraging Your BestLife class. It’s a class where we connect, raise our vibrations, love, honor and support whatever we want to manifest (requests). We love to see each other win, we celebrate our wins in advance. We have fun and party together. By doing that together we give and receive so much more than we can imagine right now.

Remember I mentioned the 14 seconds of focused intention? We focus for 68 seconds. Did you know it’s equal to infinite hours of effort and force?

So what is the background of this amazing and transformational tool that is so easy and fun?


Abraham Hicks teaches us about this subject. He says:

“When we focus our thought in one direction for as little as just seventeen seconds, another thought joins it. They become bigger and are joined by another thought at the 34-second point, and again and 51 and 68 seconds. Once you focus for as long as 68 seconds, the combustion is big enough to affect physical manifestation.”


“Just to get your attention we want to give you some physical comparison; seventeen seconds of pure thought is equivalent to 2000 hours of action. If you are working a regular 40 hours a week job, that is about what you work in a year.

If you can cross the 68-second mark – now that is just over a minute of pure non-contradicted, non-diluted thought – it is equivalent to over 2 million action hours.”

Isn’t that mind-blowing?

And we do it together as a group. We connect our energies together and that is even more mind-blowing.

Lynne McTaggart has done lots of scientific research around focusing your thought-energy. She has written many books about it, explaining what happens when you send energy to a certain situation. She did, for instance, experiments with groups of people sending a certain thought to seeds. They found that the seeds they focused on, where developing so much faster and stronger than the seeds they didn’t send energy to.

Wow, so awesome!

Through historical research, Lynne McTaggart also found information about groups of people sending focused energy together. Jesus and his disciples did something similar as leveraging energy to maximum advantage. It is described as ‘homothumadon’ (Homo = one and the same, unison; Thumos = temperament, emotion of mind, the principle of life, feeling and thought)

She describes Homothumadon as an adverb which denotes the unity of a group and means with the same emotion, with the same passion, of one persuasion, of one passion, having the same desire, with the same mind, of one accord, with one mind, with one purpose, with one impulse, all together, unanimously, with unanimous consent, pertaining to mutual consent, by common consent, simultaneously as one.

Leveraging in this context means:

use something (focused energy on what we want to manifest) to maximum advantage.

Or as one dictionary says:

To use something (focused energy on what you want to manifest) that you already have in order to achieve something new or better.

So what are the keys to this process?

  • Feel happy. Feeling happy is the key to everything you would love to manifest

When you are not? Don’t worry.

Do something that helps you move from the place you are at right now to a place of feeling better.

Or watch the added video and do the process together with me.

  • Know what you want to manifest in your life. That can be something in the next hour, something small, or something that will need some time to come to you.

You can write it down or say it out loud.

Do it as if it’s already manifested and feel really happy about it. ‘See’ it so vividly, ‘hear’ the cheering for you: Yes you did it, you manifested it! Feel amazing, over the moon, excited and maybe you can ‘smell’ the most amazing fragrances and ‘taste’ the most divine tastes.

It’s all about feeling it in every fibre of your being.

  • Focus for 68 seconds. Let the energy grow and expand.
  • Cheer for yourself: You did it, yes you manifested it! And know that everyone in the BestLife Creation Society is also cheering for you! We love to see you win.
  • Let the Universe / God help you to manifest what you want. They want to let you know that they are so happy for what you want to manifest. They tell you to be happy and be aware of the feelings of wanting to take action (inspired action). They love to send it to you because they want you to manifest everything so easily and without any effort. “We are here for you. We support you, always.”

And if you want to leverage together with me, with one of the BestLife coaches, or to participate in the Leveraging Your BestLife class, feel free to reach out!  We love to leverage with you and to see you win!

Tineke Hakvoort

Tineke Hakvoort

Life Coach and Leveraging Master

Tineke has a very loving and supportive energy and has gifted all of us with her daily Leveraging call. She has a unique ability to connect with all types of people and create a loving and supportive space.

Since joining BestLife, Tineke has expanded her reach helping others feel empowered and believe in their dreams. She embraces the support and love she receives as a BestLife member and she feels a sense of freedoms knowing that her happiness and dreams are supported as well as encouraged.