Imagine Yourself Successful


Imagine Yourself Successful would have been an accurate and synonymous title for the infamous best selling book, Think And Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. Easily one of the most read and inspirational and empowering books yet written, and read by millions of those looking to achieve success and financial freedom. A welcomed and necessary reminder of how to apply the universal physical laws of energy to create wealth and abundance, in relation to business or any and all other abundance, financial or otherwise.




When you feel good your business finds you.  


The inspiration, the actions, the people, the circumstances, etc..


Look at what’s working in your business.


Feel good.


Acknowledging your current wins.


Big and small.


Feeling appreciative of what is.


Happily eager for more.


Know there’s plenty for everyone.


This is the most powerful stance we can have in the creation of our business, and our wealth.


Inspired ideas come from that space, leading us to the right people, places, and opportunities, and even more success, accomplishment, and joy.


We are being called on to appreciate things as they are now.





If we want to create experiences in our business that are different than what we are currently experiencing we need to redirect where our attention goes.


And this takes conscious action.


Action that is fun, that doesn’t feel like work, and that gets results.


Think And Grow Rich outlines examples of ways to harness your thoughts and create the vibration of success and riches, and align with your dreams



As described by Napoleon Hill in chapter two of the book, Think And Grow Rich, titled, DESIRE: the Starting Point of All Achievement (The First Step Riches), paraphrased by me.


Step 1: Imagine Yourself Successful


Imagine yourself successful in the pictures in your mind on a regular basis.

See and feel the person you desire to become.

Close your eyes and take time to be there, feeling capable and confident.


Doesn’t that feel good?


Step 2: Reflect On Your Past Successes


Every single success, win, feel-good moment, big or small should be acknowledged regularly.

This is proof that you are capable of achieving.

Celebrate your success, and recall this when you lose faith.


Step 3: Set Definite Goals


Napoleon Hill wrote this:


“Have a clear direction of where you want to go.

Be aware when you begin to deviate from these goals and take immediate corrective action”


This is the re-frame that feels better to me


Know how you desire to feel.

Know some things you would like to be, do, and have.

Know why you want it.

Define your next logical step.

Take inspired actions.


Step 4: Respond Positively To Life


Develop a positive self-image.

Your self-image, your reactions to life, and your decisions are completely within your control.


Have fun creating with this recipe.

Tune in and use your imagination to align yourself with the vibration regularly.




In business, whether you’re an entrepreneur, an employee, or both, the first and most important job is to manage our vibrations with our thoughts and attention.


Our business develops seemingly effortlessly, right before our eyes, when we align with what feels good about it now.


This is where more success and abundance begin.


Have fun doing this consciously and deliberately, after some time it becomes easy to stay in alignment with success and create on-going results.


The more often we feel appreciation and satisfaction for all that we have already accomplished, and see ourselves as capable, confident, and Divinely supported, and when we are satisfied and eager for more, the more we create a co-operative stance with the Universe, and all we need is laid out before us, one day at a time.

Jaime Brooks

Jaime Brooks

Coach and Instructor

Certified BestLife Coach, BestLife Ambassador and Instructor, as well as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

Early on in her life, Jaime struggled with chronic illness and emotional self-doubt, but through achieving her own personal transformation creating health and happiness, she has developed a burning desire to help others achieve the same.

Jaime uses the knowledge and tools she has acquired along her healing journey, including the Freedom Release Method, to help her clients move forward, create success stories of their own, and live their best life.