How To Join Classes

by | Jun 19, 2018 |

1 – Log in. Click My Dashboard in the upper right.

2 – Click My Courses from the drop down list.

3 – Everything available (enrolled in) is listed on this page. IF you are also an instructor, click Undertaking to show classes you are taking. Otherwise, it will default to this view.

4 – Click Launch Course to begin the course you wish to view course contents, access homework, contact instructor or listen to previously recorded classes.

5 – Once the course is launched, the contents of the class will be available. The course progress is in the upper left and below that are the sections for that course. Click on the section to begin it.

  • Click BEGIN COURSE to begin every new course.
  • Click Previous and Next to move between sections.

6 – Click Submit Course AFTER all sections have been completed and homework submitted (if applicable).

CLASS NOT FOUND – by going through the steps listed above, be sure to go to the OUR COURSES page, click on it and register.

OR – for access to all classes through membership, click on ALL MEMBERS Classes in your class list.