Play vs Work

Did your parents tell you that the only way to get money was to go to work? That the only way to get money is to work hard? Are you stuck in the humdrum cycle of “work” with no love or drive? Going to a job that is unfulfilling, dragging yourself in every day looking forward to the paycheck where you live paycheck to paycheck? You sit in traffic day in and day out?!

That is W.O.R.K. “Wondering On Ridiculous Knowledge” – The knowledge of “having to work”, to “work” hard to be successful, “work”ing is the only way to make money. To “work” for someone else and live on their rules and regulations, or living in fear of losing your job. That is ridiculous knowledge.

Grant it, I am not saying that we don’t take action steps to get where we want to go but what if we led with a child-like heart?

Do you remember when you were a child “playing”? Making mud pies, building a fort, jumping into a pool of water, riding your bike, drawing, coloring, painting, reading books, dissecting the dead bug you found? There was laughter, fun, freedom in what you did. No worries or cares just living in the “now”; Not worrying what was next. You ran with freedom, you belly- laughed for no reason but to laugh. You leaped, you jumped, you fell you got up and did it again. You experimented, you made mistakes, you discovered, and you learned. You woke up, played, took naps, played some more and went to bed and the cycle began the next morning. You woke up with energy and ready to go! NO, life may not have been perfect but you felt safe somewhere where you could just be you!

Fred Rogers said “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we woke up every morning with that same “child-like” freedom? Living in the right now without a care in the world, to live within our passion and desires? Would you believe if I said, “we could”?

P.L.A.Y. = Pleasure leads always [to our] “y” – Let me explain…God gave us desires in our heart, a plan a purpose, He turns our tests into testimonials; He turns everything into good for us. Therefore, when we align up with God’s love that He planted in our hearts we can start “Play”ing; it comes natural, we didn’t have to “learn” how to play, we started laughing, and playing at just a few weeks old…The pleasure of this path will always lead to your why. When your why is bigger than your excuses you will take action steps every day that you enjoy, you will fulfill your hearts desire your unique destiny. Of course, you will have deadlines, plans, events, etc that will take up your time but it will not feel like “work”, you will enjoy it so it will feel like “play”.

You could even be at that same humdrum job where you fill no desire of being there you can still appreciate it for what it is. You can use the innocence of your inner child and the JOY that is in your heart to live in the now of that job, finding God in every situation. You can go in with a playful heart to create your own environment within you. You can use the “time” in the car to listen to the gospel or listen to self-development courses, you can crank up the volume and sing to your favorite song, OR actually talk to your children before dropping them off to school/daycare.

As for me, I am still learning this process. I am closer than I was, I have left the train station and on my way!

My childhood had lots of moments that wasn’t innocent, happy, cheerful or even grand, but I have learned to appreciate every moment of it, for they are all pieces of my puzzle that have created who I am today. But, what I have done was let go of the “unbelief’s” that was instilled in my head along the way. Let go of the layers of the hurt that surrounded my heart. With each layer that I let go, I am allowed to feel “freer’ and freer”. I live each day living in the graces of God with a child-like heart as much as I can. Each day it grows bigger and bigger.

I love sharing the information and knowledge that God has given me to others. If you would like to understand this process better please contact me.

Thank you for reading and I pray and send love that you got a little piece of nugget from it where you can start your own journey of finding your “child-like” heart.

Hugs, Love and Blessings to you and your family.

Vicki Manuel – Certified Christian Happy Health/Life Coach

Vicki Manuel

Vicki Manuel

Certified Christian Happy Health/Life Coach

I am the same as you. I was once so lost in this world I was barely holding on. Three things kept me moving forward to where I am today…Hope, Faith and always looking for the good in every situation. Along this journey, I became a Certified Christian Health Coach. Most importantly I have accepted God’s path and He is leading the way. My passion is to help women to overcome health issues physically, mentally and spiritually so they can become the women God has designed her to be. This includes but not limited to renewing your mind, losing weight, reversing disease, and growing your spiritual life in God our Father.