Reset Yourself in Minutes (in the Restroom!)


Can you relate to busy days, feeling drained? You need a reset! Did you know that it only takes a few seconds to reset yourself? Ever knew the restroom could be your perfect rescuer? Use it to reset yourself and have a wonderful flowing day!

For more on resetting and relieving office stress, read Alison Sue Adam’s blogs on Stretching to Release Office Stress, Part One, Part Two and Part Three.

Tineke Hakvoort

Tineke Hakvoort

Life Coach and Leveraging Master


Tineke has a very loving and supportive energy and has gifted all of us with her daily Leveraging call. She has a unique ability to connect with all types of people and create a loving and supportive space.

Since joining BestLife, Tineke has expanded her reach helping others feel empowered and believe in their dreams. She embraces the support and love she receives as a BestLife member and she feels a sense of freedoms knowing that her happiness and dreams are supported as well as encouraged.