The Recipe for Success: How to Achieve your BestLife


Have you ever wished there was a formula for achieving success? Something that made it easy to know what to do next. Something that made achieving your goals and dreams enjoyable.  We have been taught that the path to achievement is a path of sacrifice and self-denial. When you get to your goal, then you will (hopefully) be happy. Many of us don’t get far down that path because it is too stressful or is taking too long, and frankly, it is not fun to live like that.  Thankfully, there is another way that not only is effective but completely fulfilling. And not just after the journey is complete but on the way. This is the secret that BestLife Coaching Society wants to share with the world: you can reach your goals and dreams in a way that is infused with fun, joy and inspiration. We call it The Recipe for Success.


The Recipe has three components: Belief in Yourself, Belief in your Dreams, and Taking Inspired Action. Belief in yourself if the starting point because it is the foundation.  You can see how a house with a faulty foundation will also have weak walls. In the same way, without a strong belief in yourself, your dreams will also be weak because they won’t have anything to stand on. This is where working on your mindset and your subconscious beliefs are so crucial. Our subconscious mind controls 95% of what our brains do, our heartbeat, our breathing, our reactions to stimuli. It is always on and recording what is taking place around us, meaning it has catalogued every experience in our lives. It sometimes goes against what we consciously want, causing us to act in ways we don’t like but have difficulty controlling.  We can see this happening in business frequently. An entrepreneur almost reaches their goal and then sabotages their success over and over. They don’t understand why but have difficulty stopping themselves and or recognizing when the pattern is starting again. At some point, they had an experience that caused them to believe something, perhaps in this case that they are unworthy of success. As long as they believe that subconsciously, they will have difficulty getting the type of success they desire.


The good news is that you can learn to identify what these programs are and change them to something that serves you. We teach a technique called the Freedom Release Method, which is an incredible tool that we have seen help many, many people clear out the roadblocks in their minds so that they could truly start believing in themselves. The Freedom Release method helps you recognize your subconscious beliefs that are not serving you, as replace them with something that does.  (More on that below).


What’s amazing is that once you start believing in yourself in new ways, your dreams begin to come to life. This is the second component to success, Belief in Your Dreams. Your dreams may get bigger. Or dreams you had from your childhood may suddenly come rushing back. Once you have that foundation in place, the world is your oyster. You can start looking at your dreams with a new light. You can define exactly what you want. Basically, you know a dream is a good one for you if you get really excited about it. You can feel already that if you achieved it, you would feel incredible. That feeling seeps into your present reality, and it’s a feeling you can grab onto already before you reach that goal.


Choosing to feel what you imagine it would be like to accomplish your future goal in present time is like adding jet fuel to your dreams. It is an accelerator to success, and also necessary to sustain you on the journey. Once your dream is defined, you can look at establishing your Cheif Aim. This is a bigger goal that may take you a few years to accomplish but that would be a component of a bigger Dream. Then you can start to break the steps toward your Cheif Aim into Sweet Spot Goals and even smaller Action Steps.  From a place of feeling good, you now have a very strategic plan on how to take your next steps toward your goals and dreams.  You may also find that some things you thought were your dreams were really just what you expected of yourself, but not what you really wanted. The beauty of this process is that you get to find out what feels really good to you first and then go after it.


How you go after it is the third component in the Recipe, Inspired Action. Why inspired? Because this action is meant to come from within, and resound with positive emotion. They will vary, but you can associate these kinds of emotions with inspired actions: empowered, passionate, successful, peaceful, calm, confident, blissful, playful, creative, decisive, motivated, joyful. You see, once you believe in yourself, and you both believe in your dream and know what you are going to pursue, then you now have the absolute joy of following something called your Emotional Guidance System to know what step to take next.  


This simply means following your feelings. When you are in alignment with yourself and your dreams, you now look within for the next step forward. You will know it is the right step because it will feel good. When you take that step, you will continue to feel good and maybe even better. And you will find that the next step will come to you and feel good. If at any point in the process you start to feel anything other than good, pause and find out where things changed. All you have to do is course-correct and get back into the momentum cycle.  


When you are deliberate about following the Recipe for Success, you start to see that successes happen for you faster than before, and often in surprising ways. Staying in that place of Inspired Action is an incredible catalyst. Finding a way to keep your emotional state in such a high place consistently can seem daunting at first, but with practice, you will find that it is actually easier and far more productive than the alternative. When circumstances that arise that can make it hard to stay in such a feeling-good place, the key is to just try and feel a little bit better than you do currently. It is hard to get from anger to gratitude in a few seconds, but you can go from anger to frustration, and then frustration to annoyance in small steps and keep working your way up.  By focusing on feeling a little bit better, soon you can make your way to a better place.


What we’ve explored here today are the basic components of a class I teach called Achieving Your Bestlife.  We take seven weeks to go through the Recipe for Success and go over all the tools you need to increase your belief, work with your subconscious, and learn how to take Inspired Action. You will learn how to do the Freedom Release Method, as well as other techniques that will help you stay in that creative, good-feeling place. For more information, click here.  


You also can learn the Freedom Release Method on many of our complimentary Introductory Courses, or on our Monday Night Zoom Meetings.  Subscribe to our email list or keep in touch with us on our website or Facebook, LinkedIn or Google +  to see when our next classes are available!


I hope that for now, you have some new ideas of how you can succeed with joy, creativity, and fun.  Following the Recipe for Success is revolutionary because it demands that we feel great while on the journey as well as at the destination. Feel great and enjoy! 

Alee Attoe

Alee Attoe

Instructor and Life Coach

Alee is committed to one main thing: helping you follow your path in the most authentic, joyful way possible. As a Coach and Instructor with BestLife Coaching Society, she is highly skilled at simplifying concepts and helping her students and clients understand how to apply them effectively to their lives.

Alee continues to bring the best she has to offer and it brings her the greatest happiness to be a part of her student’s and client’s amazing transformations.