The Way of a Weasel

Expanding Your Comfort Zone



On my walk the other day I met this little guy – and here is his version of our encounter.


This feels wonderful – running fast toward my goal with joy and freedom!

Oooops – breaks on! I can see something big and scary in front of me. I better figure out what to do now.

Do I want to continue running and just push through my fears? No!

Do I want to change my course and move in a different direction? No!

Ok – so here is what I will do. I will move slowly a few steps at a time and then stop and check how I feel. One, to, three, four. This feels ok. Whatever that thing is, it doesn’t seem threatening. I will take a few more steps. This time I will turn sideways and pretend I am occupied with something else – and see what happens. Nothing happens. That thing is just there – I will move still closer. This is feeling pretty safe. Now I am almost there – I’d better take a good look at this thing. It seems pretty friendly. Still, I will move slowly past it. There! I did it! Now I am off and running again – continuing toward my goal and feeling even better than before because of how I handled this situation.

Hurray for me!

Brit J. Drageset

Brit J. Drageset

Instructor and Coach


Brit is a Certified Life Coach and has over 25 years experience teaching and coaching.

Brit uses several coaching and emotional release techniques, including the Freedom Release Method, the Emotion Code, and the Body Code, to help her clients achieve success in any area of their lives.

Brit is passionate and has a burning desire to use her skills and knowledge to create lasting change in our world.

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