What is a “Life Coach”?


What is a “Life Coach”? Well, for the purpose of this blog, you won’t see me quoting it anymore, but out there in the real world that is typically how people view a Life Coach. They’d like to believe it’s a “professional advice giver” or a “guru”, or is  something that someone “needs”. No.  Not true. A Life Coach is none of those things. Believe it or not, YOU are actually a Life Coach. “Me…..a Life Coach?” “I’m not certified.”  “I don’t have people pay me for my services!” “I don’t even know where to begin to be a Life Coach!” None of that matters. I’ll show you how you are a Life Coach.


We have all had moments where we made a positive impact on others.  Think about it. Perhaps you helped a family member with a challenge, or maybe it was a co-worker with a recent break-up, or even giving yourself that powerful pep-talk to get back on track.  Guess what? In those moments you were either helping them or others coach themselves through their life.  In essence, a Life Coach. A very powerful definition that I have come up with for a Life Coach is this: Someone who can and does make massive positive impacts on others while leading from their heart.  That ladies and gentlemen, is a Life Coach.


The next question you may be asking is,  “So, Super Dave, why is there a big emphasis on coaching in business, family and relationships?  I hear about different types of “coaches” EVERYWHERE!”  It’s  because  we all have a desire to help. The greatest gift that we can give on this planet is Love. Love is not given by taking though.  It is given by helping. If you have ever found yourself doing any of these, surprise you are a Life Coach!  Now it may be hard to grasp this, but as you are reading this I would like you to do one thing.  I’d like you to close your eyes, and at the end of this sentence ask yourself, “How does it feel to give freely to someone else?”  Go ahead and give me that answer out loud now. Thank You. What did you feel? What emotions came over you in that moment? And whatever that was, is absolutely perfect.


See? You DO have that desire to help. You ARE a Life Coach. You have everything to succeed in you right now. The subject of Life Coaching is vast and varied like Life itself. It is a beautiful plethora of your hopes, dreams, wishes and desires. I hope moving forward whether you decide to become “certified” or not, that you have seen the truth; that not only are you a Life Coach, but that you have ALWAYS been a Life Coach. May you either start or continue to live your BestLife ever. I will talk to you again soon.  Sending you massive UNLIMITED Love,

Yours truly,




Dave Brisnehan a.k.a. "Super Dave"

Dave Brisnehan a.k.a. "Super Dave"

BestLife Director of Training


Super Dave is a powerfully gifted mentor, trainer, and leader. He is very gifted in energy reading and discovering and clearing negative emotional and mental blocks with targeted precision and speed. His diverse background, which includes; Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, healer and energy channeller all combine beautifully to equip him with a huge advantage when working with clients and members of BestLife. His experience and training allow him to accurately cut through the fluff and get right to the root of the problem.

He loves teaching and specializes in communication, leadership training, confidence rebuilding and energy clearing, as you all know through the life-changing classes he pours his heart into and that so richly blesses us. With over nine years experience he is truly an expert in this industry.