Where is Your Journey Leading You?

We are all on a Journey! It’s called LIFE!  Do you know where your journey is taking you? Are you living your life on purpose or living it by accident?  I am here to tell you that the best part of this journey is that ALL of us get to Choose our own path!  Think about that for just a minute…. tick … tick … tick…okay times up! I’m gonna repeat that just in case you missed it the first time, “We ALL get to Choose our Path!” 

The fun thing about our Journey in this life is that whatever path we choose is OUR Decision!  My journey is not your journey, your journey is not my journey, Tom’s journey is not Michael’s journey, Linda’s journey is not Cindy’s journey and so on.  Not everyone is going to understand the path it is that you are on. Quite honestly, you may not even understand the path that you are on in the beginning.  You just know that you had this burning desire, deep within you.  It said to go this way, but you really haven’t figured out your “WHY” yet.  But Oh, my dear friend, when you do…! You better hold on because it’s gonna be an Awesome Ride!

You see, by choosing the path that you want to travel, you are the one who is in Complete Control of How Awesome that road gets to be or how challenging and hard it will become along the way.   Here is how I understand it.  We ALL have been given this thing called “FREE WILL“.  We get to choose whatever we want to do with our lives. We get to choose, our career, our significant other, how many children we want if any.  We can choose to own our own business or work for someone else.  Whatever that looks like for you.  With that being said, that also means “YOU” are the only one that is Responsible for YOUR Path! That means all the successes, failures, ups, downs, wins, loses etc.  You and only you.  Nobody had control over your circumstances but you.  If you make a decision that took you down a path that you didn’t love the results that much, well that’s on you.  Nobody twisted your arm to do it.  You have the God Given right to make every decision in your life.  Always remember, at that moment in time, you did exactly what you wanted to do. We are not given the ability to make the right decision all the time, but we are given the ability to make every decision right! 

As I see it, you can choose to make your life as Exciting, Fun, Interesting, Challenging and as Awesome as you want.  Or…. the choices you make can make your life as boring, sad, hurtful and as full of struggle as YOU Choose it to be at any given time.  That is what I mean by, you have the Option to Choose your Path in your Journey of Life! Think of your life as a math problem.  When you add Positive things to your life it will become more positive, exciting, fun and full of adventure.  Or when you add negative things to your life you subtract from your happiness, joy and fulfillment in life. I don’t know about you, but I prefer the positive to negative always.  No one on the planet has the power to make you miserable or to make your life full of negativity unless you give them the power to do so! What you choose to allow, you give permission to exist.  Do bad things happen to good people sometimes? Absolutely! But the key is how you respond or react to those things.  When we choose to respond, it comes from a place of knowledge, love and logic.  When we choose to react, it tends to come from a place of anger hurt and hate.  We attract who we are, and mirror how we feel.  If we are always angry inside, we will attract angry people into our life.  If we are rude and hateful, we will attract those same type people into our life.  If you want to know how you are feeling, just take a good long look at the people that are around you.  How they treat you will tell you exactly how you are treating other people.    

When things happen that we feel as if we had little or no control over, the best thing we can do is say, “Okay, that is not exactly something that I wanted or planned to happen, but it is what it is, so I am gonna move forward from here.”  When you “Respond” with acceptance and not worry, you will see that things just seem to fall into place and correct themselves a lot sooner. Usually better than what you had ever expected in the first place. (That’s called your Blessing) You also have the option to choose to be mad, worry and keep harping on how you didn’t do anything to deserve this and yadda yadda yadda!  Day in and day out, you harp on how bad your life has turned out!  You know that does? It keeps you right there in that world!  It’s a Choice! Here’s an example that maybe will help you understand this concept a little easier.  You’re reading this awesome novel that’s a thriller.  You are at the climax at the end of a chapter, it’s a cliffhanger, and the only way you find out who did what to who is to “Turn The Page” and go on to the next chapter in the book, right?  So, Now….. here in lies your “CHOICE”, Are you gonna “A” keep reading that same page trying to figure out what is happening? Or…. option “B” Turn the Page to the Next Chapter and find out that your favorite character made it through and is the Hero after all?  Let me guess….. You Choose Option “B”!

Yay!! So now apply Option B to your daily life!  Yes, it really is that simple!  I get asked all the time… “Tammy, do you ever have a bad day?”  I can honestly say, I rarely have a bad day anymore. I may have bad moments in a day, where something happened that made that part of my day uncomfortable. But, that is part of the contrast of life!  If you don’t know what you don’t want how will you ever know what you do want? If I let someone make me miserable, they win! I would have given my emotional control to someone else.  That would mean I gave away my power.  I can assure you, that is not an option in my life.  I might be a little irritated for a hot second. I might even have to vent or go throw some weights around. But within the hour, usually, I am back laughing, cutting up and making everyone that comes in contact with me, Enjoy their time in my Sunshine!  

I said ALL of that for this 1 Reason… Do Not Let Anyone Dull Your Shine! Choose the Path that Makes you Laugh until you can’t breathe! Dance like nobody is watching and Sing like Nobody can Hear You!  Life is Short! It’s about making your Journey AWESOME and enjoying every delicious second of it along the way! You have to remember, none of us are going to make it out Alive! So, quit being so Damn Serious all the time and Make Your Life as Awesome as You Are! Go have fun! Take chances! Fall in love! Start a food fight! Go skydiving and scream until your parachute opens!  Travel the world! If there is something you want to do, then find a way and Make It Happen!  Your eulogy is not yet written, so make sure that when the time comes, they have some awesome stuff to put in there! 

I would love to hear how you take a challenging situation and turn it into something awesome! Leave me a comment below and let’s spread some positive ways to help other people do the same!  If this post helped you in some way, please share and let’s touch as many people as we can!  Thanks for stepping into my world for just a moment & I hope I made you smile from the inside out!

Tammy Loftis

Tammy Loftis

Instructor and Life Coach

Using the tools and skills she’s acquired along her journey, including BestLife’s Freedom Release Method, Tammy was able to overcome the pain and darkness of her past, and move forward creating more joy, and bigger dreams, than she ever thought possible. It is Tammy’s passion and purpose, through her coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements, to show others how they can experience joy and create the life they desire. She uses the Emotion and Body Code in her life coaching to promote overall wellness.