You Co-Create Every Relationship EVER


You co-create every relationship EVER. I mean EVER! Now before you start going, I did not create that, here is what I am going to encourage: Every relationship in this life, those that you wanted and those that you didn’t, you created based on the feelings that you emanate when you think about how you feel about those relationships. Example, it’s not what you think about “Uncle Jerry”, its how you FEEL about how you think about “Uncle Jerry”. Another example; it’s not what you think about what your “Ex” did or didn’t do to you, which creates more relationships in the future similar to that one, its how you FEEL when you think about you’re “Ex” that creates more results that you don’t want, and similar relationships in your future.

Now I started this piece by saying, co-created. You read that right. Every relationship that you are a part of is a co-creation. But the big caveat to this is that it is not 50/50 in a co-creation; it’s 100/100. Have you guys ever seen the movie Jerry McGuire? If you would all like to watch a wonderful display of what NOT to do in a relationship and how NOT to co-create one, then that’s the movie for you. “You complete me.”, what a load………. My reasoning for my colorful commentary is because of this: Relationships that are healthy, expansive, loving, understanding, communicative and fun all have one thing in common, they are co-created. When you are in a relationship you bring your ALL to the table, which means your strengths, your weakness, your flaws and your gifts. You bring it ALL. And by YOU bringing your ALL, wonderfully, you allow the other person to bring their ALL as well. If you find yourself having challenges, but also growth and an increase of love, whether it is between friends, lovers, a significant other or an associate, then you are building and co-creating that relationship. Well done! If you read that last sentence and thought, I’d love to have that because right now my relationships are a struggle, hard work and filled with drama, it may be time to end those relationships. That’s not for me to say though. Trust your FEELINGS.

You deserve the absolute best of everything, including relationships. If you have read any of my previous posts, you know that I talk a lot about feelings and the importance of what we FEEL about what we are thinking about. Well…..not to sound like a broken record, but the magic is the same thing here as well. I challenge each and every one of you to take a look at your relationships in life and ask yourself, How do I feel about these relationships?”. For those for you who say, “I feel really good”. I say kudos! You are right on track and keep doing what you are doing cause you will get more of what you want! However, for those that read that and know that your relationships can be better, your new logical step is to start finding out, “What do I want?”. When you say, “I don’t want a smoker” or “I don’t want to be cheated on” or “I hate feeling abused in this relationship”, by your mere attention to it you are getting more of it. It’s just like the person who says, “I am not stressed” over and over at different intervals of time, who ends up not only being stressed a lot but may even have high blood pressure too, a symptom of stress. We become what we FEEL behind what we think about. Let’s change it up, guys! So if you don’t want a smoker, what DO you want; maybe it’s someone who has a healthy lifestyle or someone who takes care of their body, or perhaps someone who has a healthy body, like you. Here is another flip; it’s not, I don’t want to be cheated on, it’s; I want a person who is faithful to me or who respects me wholly, or says, I want a person who wants a long-lasting relationship. Think about it guys? There is no way you can get any of those things that you don’t want when you are focused on the things that you DO want. And I am sure that every person that reads this has applied that to their life at some point. I said before, you deserve the best, and you can’t control people, but when you feel good and you focus on what you want, you all have a magical influence over others. Try it and see. I love you and I hope that this helped YOU to either further love yourself or begin to tell yourself “I deserve the best in everything, including relationships”. You can co-create and be do and have anything and everything that you want including your relationships.
Much love,
-S D

Dave Brisnehan a.k.a. "Super Dave"

Dave Brisnehan a.k.a. "Super Dave"

BestLife Director of Training

Super Dave is a powerfully gifted mentor, trainer, and leader. He is very gifted in energy reading and discovering and clearing negative emotional and mental blocks with targeted precision and speed. His diverse background, which includes; Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, healer and energy channeller all combine beautifully to equip him with a huge advantage when working with clients and members of BestLife. His experience and training allow him to accurately cut through the fluff and get right to the root of the problem.

He loves teaching and specializes in communication, leadership training, confidence rebuilding and energy clearing, as you all know through the life-changing classes he pours his heart into and that so richly blesses us. With over nine years experience he is truly an expert in this industry.